The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Ketevan Mkheidze, M.A.

Ketevan Mkheidze, M.A.

Position: BLS Program Academic Advisor

Department: The BLS Program
Office: 119 McIver Street
Telephone: 336.334.4977


Curriculum Vitae


M.A., Tbilisi State University, Republic of Georgia, 1979
Philology; English Language & Literature Instruction

Academic Experience:

Academic Advisor: BLS Program, 2006 - Present
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Lecturer: Russian Language, 2002 - 2003
The University of Saskatchewan

Interpreter, ESOL Instructor, 1994 - 2003
The Open Door Society, Saskatoon

Instructor: English & Russian Languages, 1985 - 1993
School of Foreign Languages, Moscow

Professional Affiliations:

NACADA: National Academic Advising Association

BLS Program Notes

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