The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Blackboard & Elluminate Software

Online classes use computer technology for the kinds of interactions you would normally have in the classroom. That means you will need to familiarize yourself with these programs:

Blackboard Academic Suite™

You will use Blackboard to access all your online classes at UNCG*. It is an entirely web-based platform, and does not require you to download or install any software on your computer. That means you can access your classes from any online computer, whether you're at home, at the local library, or on business in Tokyo. Through Blackboard, you can access all your class materials — syllabi, calendars, supplementary readings, lessons and lectures. You can send email to your instructors and classmates, participate in discussion forums for each class, take quizzes and tests, and turn in your written assignments. If you have not used Blackboard at UNCG recently, use these tutorials to familiarize yourself with its controls:

iCampus Tutorials: Activating and Using Your Blackboard Account

*They will appear in your "My Courses" list on or before the first day of class.


Elluminate Live! Academic Edition™

You may use Elluminate with a microphone and webcam in some of your courses. This powerful videoconferencing software requires you to install a client on your computer, and the user interface is not the most user-friendly. Some of the operations may seem counterintuitive at first, but once you learn to use this program you can use it for much more than just recording your presentations. Elluminate allows you to do live videoconferencing with multiple users, and you can accompany live or recorded presentations with PowerPoint presentations or other visual aids.

iCampus Tutorials: Elluminate set-up instructions
Elluminate tutorial for BLS 300: Part I (volume is low)
Elluminate tutorial for BLS 300: Part II (volume is higher)

BLS Program Notes

BLS Program Blog

Fall 2014 Class Dates
Full Semester (POT 1)
• 18 Aug: Session Begins
• 22 Aug: Add/Drop Ends
• 10 Oct: W Deadline !!!
• 01 Dec: Session Ends
• 10 Dec: Exams End
BLS Session 1 (POT A)
• 18 Aug: Session Begins
• 20 Aug: Add/Drop Ends
• 10 Sep: W Deadline !!!
• 03 Oct: Session Ends
BLS Session 2 (POT B)
• 08 Oct: Session Begins
• 10 Oct: Add/Drop Ends
• 03 Nov: W Deadline !!!
• 01 Dec: Session Ends
• 10 Dec: Exams End

Congratulations to our August 2014 Graduates!
Mark Blanchard *
Deborah Bolick
Phillip Brown *** $
Sandra Catron-Kramer ***
Rebecca Sisco ***
Amy Foresman ***
Kjeff Hansen
Christie Hopkins
James Jordan
Julian King
Jessica Lane °
Erica Madden
Renee Rabie
Krista Sisk ***
Angela Stroud
Ashley Travers

BLS Student Portfolio
Keep copies of your major BLS papers in the Content Collection folder in Blackboard. If you don't have a Content Collection tab, call 6TECH at 336.256.8324.

Research Skills Tutorial
Sharpen your research skills and improve your grades.