The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Getting Started


Activating and Testing Your Accounts

Before you can participate in your online classes, you need to set up a few computer accounts:

  • iSpartan is your student email account ( Official messages from your professors and university offices will be sent to you at this address, so it is important that you check this account regularly. We suggest you keep this student account separate from your personal email account, but you are free to use it for anything that falls within the Acceptable Use policy.
  • Blackboard and Canvas will provide access to your course websites, course discussion threads, and even the digital dropbox for your term papers.
  • UNCGenie is your connection to all your registration data. You will use this account to access your degree evaluation, to register for classes, to view and pay your bill, to check your final grades, to update your address, telephone, and email, and to apply for graduation.

Username & Password —vs— ID Number & PIN

Some accounts require your Username & Password to log on, and some require your ID Number & PIN. Make sure you're using the right combination:

  • Username = ≤ 8-character alpha-numeric: jqdoe, zzsmit27, a_ng.
    1st initial, middle initial/underscore, 1st 6 letters of surname (if that is already taken, 1st 4 or 5 letters and the next available number).
  • Password = ≥ 8-character alpha-numeric: d0ntHax7hi5.
    Reset your password: Expires regularly.
    Select a password you can remember; avoid dictionary words.
  • ID Number = 9-digit number beginning with 88 or 89: 887654321.
    You can look up your ID number here with your username and password.
  • PIN = 6-digit number: 314159, 161803.
    You can reset your PIN in UNCGenie.

Activate Your UNCG Computer Accounts

  • Go to
  • Follow the New Account Request link.
  • Follow the Activate Your Default Accounts link.
  • Fill in all required information and follow the instructions on the form.
  • Print the "Computer Accounts Activation Status" form and keep it in your records.

Reset Your Default Passwords

  • Go to
  • Identify yourself and reset all passwords.
  • Choose a password you can remember, using a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Your password will expire and you will be required to update it occasionally. Establish a pattern you can remember.

Log on to Blackboard

  • Go to
  • Log on with your username and password.
  • Make sure you can get into Blackboard. Familiarize yourself with its areas. (Your classes will not be shown yet.)

Log on to iSpartan email

  • Go to
  • Log on with your username and password.
  • Make sure you can get into iSpartan. Email yourself at your personal email address and make sure everything works.
  • Check this account regularly. All official UNCG notifications go to this email address by default.

Log on to UNCGenie

Some other accounts may not be visible to you; you will not use your Novell account unless you log on to computers on campus, and you will not use your Unix account unless you are accessing server space (e.g. posting public html for a website).

BLS Program Notes

Our Blog About Stuff

Spring 2015 Class Dates
Winter Session (POT W)
• 15 Dec: Session Begins
• 16 Dec: Add/Drop Ends
• 05 Jan: W Deadline !!!
• 20 Jan: Session Ends
Full Semester (POT 1)
• 12 Jan: Session Begins
• 16 Jan: Add/Drop Ends
• 06 Mar: W Deadline !!!
• 28 Apr: Session Ends
• 06 May: Exams End
BLS Session 1 (POT A)
• 12 Jan: Session Begins
• 16 Jan: Add/Drop Ends
• 04 Feb: W Deadline !!!
• 27 Feb: Session Ends
BLS Session 2 (POT B)
• 02 Mar: Session Begins
• 04 Mar: Add/Drop Ends
• 02 Apr: W Deadline !!!
• 27 Apr: Session Ends
• 06 May: Exams End

Congratulations to our December 2014 Graduates!
• Celina Amerson
• Cecilia Barber
• Shannon Beams-Zundel
• Alexander Best
• Deborah Burris
• Susan Carpenter
• Julia Carter
• Patricia Cheek
• Adam Cummings
• Laura Gora
• Brandon Hendrix
• Peter Hess
• Dana Howald
• Melanie Joy
• Chasidy Kearns
• Christine Keat
• David Keen
Nargiza Kiger
• Rachel Lewis
• Stephanie Mitcham
• Kimberly Morrow
• Anna Moyer
• Benjamin Robinson
• Ginger Schepis
• Kristen Scramlin
• Jenna Sorgen
• Apryl Syriac
• Joshua Tench
• Sharese Turnage
• Lula Wallace
• Sara Washam
• Erin Wheatley

BLS Student Portfolio
Keep copies of your major BLS papers in the Content Collection folder in Blackboard. If you don't have a Content Collection tab, call 6TECH at 336.256.8324.

Research Skills Tutorial
Sharpen your research skills and improve your grades.