The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

New UNC General Administration Policies
on Withdrawals and Academic Standing


Course Withdrawal Limit

UNC General Administration's new system-wide policy now limits you to **16 credits of withdrawals over the entire course of your degree** (beginning Fall 2014). Once you have reached that limit, if you withdraw from a class after add/drop you will receive a WF, which is the same as an F for your GPA and satisfactory academic progress.

Remember, half-semester BLS courses have a 3-day add/drop period. The new withdrawal limit makes this more treacherous, because if a class starts on Monday, you must drop it by Wednesday or it will be a withdrawal, and it will count against that lifetime limit.

Academic Standing

UNC General Administration's new policy on Academic Standing now requires students maintain both a minimum GPA and Satisfactory Academic Progress to remain in good standing:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00;
  • Earn 67% of enrolled hours each term; **
  • Earn 67% of cumulative hours attempted.

Failure to meet any of these requirements each term will result in academic probation, suspension, or dismissal.

** Note that this means that if you are registered for three classes or fewer in any given semester, you cannot withdraw from any of them without placing yourself on academic probation for the following term…even if your semester GPA and cumulative GPA are both 4.00.

How to Protect Yourself

To avoid having to withdraw from any of your classes, log into all of them on the first day of each session, examine the class schedules and syllabi carefully, and make a master calendar showing each assignment for each class, along with any outside obligations that may affect your schedule. That will help you make an informed decision about whether you are going to be able to handle what you are registered for. Be conservative in your estimates of what you can handle. Make any adjustments during add/drop. Keep yourself in good academic standing and save the few Ws you're allowed for when you really need them. Once they're gone, they're gone, and your only option will be to complete the class or to withdraw failing (WF), which calculates as an F in your GPA.

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Spring 2015 Class Dates
Winter Session (POT W)
• 15 Dec: Session Begins
• 16 Dec: Add/Drop Ends
• 05 Jan: W Deadline !!!
• 20 Jan: Session Ends
Full Semester (POT 1)
• 12 Jan: Session Begins
• 16 Jan: Add/Drop Ends
• 06 Mar: W Deadline !!!
• 28 Apr: Session Ends
• 06 May: Exams End
BLS Session 1 (POT A)
• 12 Jan: Session Begins
• 16 Jan: Add/Drop Ends
• 04 Feb: W Deadline !!!
• 27 Feb: Session Ends
BLS Session 2 (POT B)
• 02 Mar: Session Begins
• 04 Mar: Add/Drop Ends
• 02 Apr: W Deadline !!!
• 27 Apr: Session Ends
• 06 May: Exams End

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