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Michael Jackson: An African American Cultural Icon?
Black Female Body Images
The Life Career of An Activist: A Conversation with Max Rameau
Race, Gender & Electoral Politic
Dr. Loren Schweninger Remembers John Hope Franklin
Poetic Conversations
Reconceptualizing the African Diaspora: An Indian Ocean Perspective
From Free to Captive to Slave: How People Became Cargo in the Atlantic Slave Trade
Bedcovers: Hoodoo Folk Beliefs in African American Art
Choosing to Get on the Boad: Early Black Women as Global Travelers
Even though What we Do is Wrong: defining, Unpacking & Troubling "Gansta Rap"


Convocation Spring 2012
Convocation Fall 2011
Convocation Spring 2011
Convocation Fall 2010
Convocation Spring 2010
Convocation Fall 2008

Special Events

Jerry Camp Lecture
What is this "Black" in Black Studies: What Performance has to do with it
Independent Voters and African Americans in the 2012 Election: Will there be another 'Black and Independent Allicance'?
We are the 99%: Occupy Movement, Race, Class, and Polities
Hip Hop and the New Gender Relations
Love in the Time of Oprah: Why American Loves to Save Africa
The Transatlantic Slave Trade: The Human Story
National Council for Black Studies 2011
'Zine Making as Social Activism With Alexis and The Grassroots Media Tour
Fall Kick-Off on College Walk
Understanding Haiti
National Council for Black Studies 2010
Dr. Tara Green's Book Talk

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