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Class of 1955—STILL alive! Nine of her classmates were able to join in celebrating Mary-Owens Bell Fitzgerald, as she was honored with the UNCG Alumni Association’s Distinguished Service Award on May 17, 2012: Peggy Crow Barham, Trick Gordon Beamer, Frances Alexander Campbell, Doris McPhail Hall, Betty Jo Harrell Linton, Ellen Sheffield Newbold, Josie Okey Phillips, Frances Dalton Thomas, and Ellen Strawbridge Yarborough.

A treat was meeting our new Class of ’55 Merit Scholar. We visited with UNCG reps Donna Sexton, Linda Dunston-Stacey—and also our former UNCG class-booster Michelle Schneider.

The focus of the evening was Community Engagement, and Mary-Owens surely fits that description. We classmates know mostly of her dedication and effectiveness on behalf of UNCG, but she’s been a positive force in a much wider arena around Raleigh. “What you will, you can!” and she has!

Live in Peace, Friends—and stay engaged!

Ellen Strawbridge Yarborough

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A great performance by ‘55 Scholar Chris DiMassimo! Click here to view a slideshow of his recital...




A splendid Reunion weekend at UNCG!

It was a splendid Reunion weekend at UNCG! Below are listed the ladies who attended at least part of the weekend. We visited with our Class of 1955 Merit Scholars—Musician Chris DiMassimo and Writer Peter DelGobbo—along with UNCG’s welcomers Donna Sexton and Linda Dunston-Stacey.

Peggy Crow Barham
Terri Gauldin Battle
Trick Gordon Beamer
Diana Chatham Calaway
Frances Alexander Campbell
Joan Kearns Clodfelter
Rachel Warlick Dunn
Mary-Owens Bell Fitzgerald
Doris MacPhail Hall
Barbara Rowland Hocutt
Jo Beatty Horne
Barbara Dunn Jackson
Vira Rodgers Kivett
Frances Weadon Mabe
Louise Kiser Miller
Betty Heaton Myles
Ellen Sheffield Newbold
Franda Dobson Pedlow
Sylvia Dismuke Perry
Josie Okey Phillips
Eloise Bates Price
Carol Humphrey Roycroft
Carol Bradford Staninger
Frances Dalton Thomas
Kay Beatty Wagstaff
Ellen Strawbridge Yarborough

Click here to view reports from Betty Jo Harrell Linton and others.

-Ellen S. Yarborough

March 2010
Class of 1955 Web Update

Hello, Ladies of the Class of 1955!  We are off to a great start for reunion this year.  I am so pleased to report that your classmates and I have been working hard and calling to extend a personal invitation to all for reunion.  Special thanks go out to the telephone calling volunteers extraordinaire, Trick Beamer, Doris Hall, Vira Kivett, Rachel Dunn and Alice Thompson for their time on February 12th and February 26th.  To date we have called 164 of your classmates and if schedules permit, hopefully we will be able to contact more.  If you are interested in helping, please call Trick Beamer.

The reunion planning committee has also chosen Park Lane Hotel as the preferred hotel for the Class of 1955.  If you are planning to stay overnight Friday or Saturday, please consider staying at the Park Lane.  Be sure to register early and confirm your hotel room as soon as possible.  We also are encouraging all to make a grand showing in numbers for the two events on Saturday, the Vanguard Breakfast and the Grand Reunion Luncheon.

Congratulations are extended to Sylvia Dismuke Perry as she was the first alumna from 1955 to send in her reunion registration.  Way to go, Sylvia!  So far we have received four registrations to date so please keep them coming!  As always, I am here to help and support your class, so contact me if you have any questions.

Linda Dunston-Stacey
Class of 1985
Business Manager and Assistant to the Executive Director

October 30, 2009

Hello Classmates,

There is much to share at this time. Enclosed is an update on our scholars, our
Annual Report on the Class of ‘55 Scholarship Endowment, and information
about the upcoming

Reunion Weekend, April 16-17, 2010

First some good news about our Endowment Fund. We now have our ‘head
above water’ with the August 30, 2009 quarterly figures placing the Market
Value of our Fund at $528,811.42 while Book Value is only $500,558.78.
Please note on the enclosed Annual Report for the 2008-2009 Fiscal Year, that
our Market Value was still ‘under water’ on June 30, so we did not receive any
interest in 2009 for the Spending Account; therefore, we will be unable to
award a 2010 scholarship, UNLESS . . . .

. . . we can increase our Spending Account by $10,000 by the 15th of
December, 2009. We will then have enough cash available to support another
scholar for his/her four-year undergraduate program. And, thanks to the
generosity and prompt response of members of your Gift Committee, we
already have a

Challenge Gift of $ 5,000 !!!

Even though we all are strapped by the current economic downturn, perhaps by
digging as deep as we can (even small amounts add up), we can make this
happen!!!! Let’s match that Challenge and move ahead.

Make checks payable to UNCG, '55 SPENDING ACCOUNT

Mail to:

Donna Sexton, Director
UNCG Advancement Services
PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170

or make your gift online at: http://giveto.uncg.edu

Melissa Potter and Linda Dunstan-Stacey in the Office of Alumni Relations are most excited about our 55th Reunion Weekend. They welcome ideas and input from classmates as they plan for an exciting weekend with great hospitality and events. For more information, go to www.uncg.edu/ala/reunion/ or contact Melissa Potter, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations at 336.334.4024 or 1.877.UNCG.123 or

Also found on the UNCG web site are several very interesting pages. Visit and enjoy:
Class of ‘55 web page : www.uncg.edu/ala/wc55.html
Class Notes, click on Class Notes on the left in the Alumni magazine:

To share news, notes, and change of addresses go to:

Enjoy the enclosure about our Class of ‘55 Scholars. We are lucky to have enthusiastic, dedicated scholars like Chris and Peter who are planning to be with us for Reunion on April 17th.

Aspiring students need scholarship help more than ever in this harsh economic climate. Let’s scrape together enough pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars to match the $5000 Challenge and award another scholarship in 2010. Your generosity will make someone’s dreams come true.

What greater gift can we give than an education?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Diana Chatham Calaway
Everlasting President

Mary-Owens Fitzgerald
Gift Committee Chair

Peggy Crow Barham
Everlasting Vice-President



To access the 2009 Annual Letter in its entire pdf format, please click here.

To read the Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2008-2009 in pdf format, click here.

*(If you need the software to read the pdf, you can download it here)

Chris  DiMassimo
Class of 2011

Chris writes "I had a challenging sophomore year, but did make both the Chancellor's List and the Dean's List. I was recently accepted into the Teacher's Academy at UNCG.

As part of the junior experience for Teaching Fellows I spent nine days in Greece this summer, and will be doing a required teaching internship during Spring Break.

A solo clarinet recital will be on the schedule sometime this coming year (more on this later) and I hope to include a study abroad program called 'Musical Sites of Vienna and Salzburg' in the future."

Peter  DelGobbo
Class of 2012

Peter reports "freshman year was a difficult transition from home to college, with all the perils that go along with it. I enrolled in various courses offered in the Lloyd International Honors College and managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA.

As an English major, I am now immersed in required classes in my field. If all goes well, I plan to graduate at the end of my third year and enter the MFA program for creative writing here at UNCG.

My on-campus experience has been characterized by involvement in Cornelia Strong College.* I have been elected vice president this semester and shall be president next. Strong College has grown near and dear to my heart, and I enjoy my position of (relative) authority, attempting to strengthen the community, organize new programs, and bring people together."

*Living Learning Residential College housed in South Spencer Hall

Reunion 2010

April 16 & April 17, 2010

Do we have your most current information? If not, you may send your address and email address updates to alumni@uncg.edu.




You bet we did--and we're still kicking,
because the healthier our endowment,
the healthier will be the appeal of

Minerva Rules!
Contributions and pledges can still be sent to:
Class of '55 Scholarship, UNCG Development Office, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402.