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New Grant Funding for UNCG Anthropologists!

UNCG anthropologists continue their successful efforts to bring research funding to our campus and department.  

Dr. Anemone’s National Science Foundation grant will follow him from Western Michigan University to UNCG (NSF-BCS- 1227329; $180,459).  This ongoing project is entitled Developing and Testing New Geospatial Approaches in Paleoanthropology, and involves interdisciplinary approaches to the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) to develop and test predictive models for the location of fossil-bearing deposits in paleoanthropology and vertebrate paleontology.

Dr. Murphy’s grant from the NC Department of Health and Human Services has been renewed ($221,298) for the project Nutrition Education for New North Carolinians, which seeks to improve the nutritional status of recent immigrants to North Carolina by providing nutritional education to these populations.

Dr. Eric Jones and colleagues have been awarded a one year grant from the National Science Foundation for a project entitled Cultural Models of Nature Across Cultures: Space, Causality, and Primary Food Producers.  Dr. Jones will be exploring perceptions of climate change among Quichua-speaking agriculturalists in northern Ecuador.

Robert Anemone
Art Murphy
Eric Jones
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