Archaeology Program

Lectures & Events

2014 Lectures & Events

The following lectures and events have been scheduled for Spring 2014. Please check back to this page for tea-talks and other updates.

Spring 2014

Tuesday, February 18
8 p.m.
101 Sullivan Science Bldg.

Naval Warfare in the 3rd Century BCE: Warships, Rams, and Tactics

(McCann/Taggart Lecture)
co-sponsored by the AIA

Dr. Jeffrey Royal
Director of the RPM Nautical Foundation
AIA McCann/Taggart Lecturer for 2013/2014
Monday, February 24
5 p.m.
222 SOEB (School of Education Bldg.)
Archaeological Puzzles at
Mycenaean Iklaina
co-sponsored by the Department of Classical Studies
Dr. Cynthia Shelmerdine
Robert M. Armstrong Centennial Professor of Classics, emerita
The University of Texas at Austin

Friday, March 21
3:30 p.m.
212 Graham Bldg.

Croatoan: Guidepost or Misdirection
hosted by the Department of Geography

Dr. Charles Ewen
Department of Anthropology
East Carolina University
President of the Society for Historical Archaeology

Thursday, April 10
8 p.m.
101 Sullivan Science Bldg.

Into The Mani: Multidisciplinary Archaeological Research
in Diros Bay, Mani Peninsula, Southern Greece
co-sponsored by the AIA

Dr. William Parkinson
Curator of Eurasian Anthropology
The Field Museum
Tuesday, April 15
5 p.m.
421 Graham Bldg.

Surveying the city: the Roman port town of Salapia (Puglia, Southern Italy) and its Lagoon
Tea Talk

Dr. Darian Totten
Roman Archaeologist
Classics Department
Davidson College