Archaeology Program

Faculty Members

Maura Heyn (2004), Chair, Archaeology Program. Associate Professor, Classical Studies. Ph.D., UCLA. Roman Archaeology.

Charles P. Egeland (2008), Assistant Professor, Anthropology. Ph.D., Indiana University. Paleolithic Archaeology, Zooarchaeology.

A. Asa Eger (2009), Assistant Professor, History. B.A., Rutgers; Ph.D., University of Chicago. Anatolian and Syro/Palestinian Archaeology.

Joanne M. Murphy (2008), Assistant Professor, Classical Studies. Ph.D., University of Cincinnati. Aegean Archaeology, Mortuary Archaeology, and Archaeological Methods & Theory

Donna Nash (2009), Assistant Professor, Anthropology. Ph.D., University of Florida. Peruvian and South American Archaeology.

Jeffrey C. Patton (1980), Professor, Geography. B.S., M.A., Bowling Green State; Ph.D., University of Kansas. Geoarchaeology and Cartography.

Dan Royall (1997), Associate Professor, Geography. Ph.D., University of Tennessee. Geomorphology and Soil Science.

Jeffrey S. Soles (1977), Professor, Classical Studies, B.A., Dartmouth; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. Classical, Aegean, and Near Eastern Archaeology

Roy Stine (1995), Associate Professor, Geography. B.S., Appalachian State; M.S., Montana; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. Geographic Information Systems, and Remote Sensing.

Linda F. Stine (2001), Assistant Professor, Anthropology. Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Historical, Public Archaeology, and Landscape Archaeology.