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Amanda Lineberry, (BFA New Media & Design, 2013)

After graduation, I began my job search and also did freelance design. I worked as graphic production artist for WiseDecor.

Recently, I moved to Colorado and work in Art Retail as a sales person and marketing assistant. I've had several internships in the past year. I've volunteered with the Art Alliance of Greensboro, worked with the Hand to Hand Market (with Tristin Miller) and developed a lot of contacts. It's really hard, but you have to bite back the fear of failure and push forward. Especially by going to networking events, meeting new people and being open to new opportunities.

Make good connections and networking opportunities while you're in school. It's also a good time to get outside experience to help you prepare for graduation.

My website is:

Mark Farris, (MFA Studio Art 2012)

I am currently an assistant professor of printmaking at the University of Central Missouri. I have started the University's first Print Club, which is comprised of both students currently or previously enrolled in Print classes as well as non studio art majors, which has been pretty successful and is continuing to gain momentum.

Last summer I had a booth/exhibition at Maker Faire in downtown Kansas City and received an Editor's Choice Award and Maker of Merit Award for my prints. I will also have a solo exhibition opening in August at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in the Crossroads Art District downtown Kansas City, MO.  The show is a continuation of my thesis work from UNCG and will be entitled "Brave New World"  

This semester, I was awarded a grant from the College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) here at UCM to produce and direct a documentary film whose subject is an eccentric yet very talented outsider artist who lives in a rural community in North West Missouri who goes by the name of Uncle Jimmy.  The majority of the filming is completed, and I will be working with a couple of students to edit the film this summer.  Upon completion, I intend to enter the film into some regional and national film festivals.

In addition to all of that, my wife and I had our second child on July 27th of last year.  Her name is Ruby, and she is doing very well. 


Juie Rattley III, (MFA Studio Art 2007)

I am an adjunct professor of Art at Guilford College and Guilford Technical Community College. Recently, I taught art in the Guilford County Schools as part of an outreach program sponsored by the Green Hill Center for NC Art. I still find time to paint, sell and exhibit work in galleries across the East Coast. This past January, I had an exhibition "Chaos and Control" at the Hickory Museum of Art.

Read more about Juie and his artwork on his website.

Aaron Wilcox, (BA Studio Art 1992)

Starting off at UNCG, I was a math major but soon found myself drawn to ceramics. After receiving my BA in Studio Art, I stayed at UNCG and earned a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies. Then later attended Cranbrook Academy of Art to earn my MFA (1998).

Currently, I am an Associate Professor in the Art Department at UNC Wilmington, where I have been since 2004. In May 2013, I had an exhibition "Bundles" at the Wilma W. Daniels Gallery on Cape Fear Community College's Wilmington Campus. Most recently, I have work at the American Center for Art and Culture in Paris from May 19-25, 2014 and then after that the Triode Gallery, in Paris.

From a recent review: "Strips of clay are thrown and stretched, fired (and sometimes glazed), and bound by zip ties – often cut into sharp edges – in ways that challenge the materials’ inherent characteristics with the demands of gravity and the artist’s conceptual manipulations." See a photo here.

Danielle Gardner, (BFA Design 2010)

Ten months following graduation, I found my first job as a graphic designer. I was hired as a "Graphics Designer" to prep files for offset printing for Rock-Tenn - a display, paperboard and packaging manufacturer. My plant within the company produces folding cartons for food and medical companies with departments for setting art work, printing, cutting and gluing finished folding cartons. After four months, I was made a Graphics and Structural Designer to work in both graphics and the structural department. I assisted in the day to day tasks, as well as learning programming for all tooling used in the cutting process. A few months after that, I was in charge of the programming and ordering of all tooling for our department, as well as creating processes and instructions for training.

In March of this year I was promoted to another plant within the company as their sole Structural Technician. I am now responsible for all tooling programming and have recently begun participating in process improvement teams for various projects around the plant to better improve production.

Having a design background also allows me to work across multiple departments and better assist those I work with as someone with structural and graphics experience is beneficial to producing files for printing and cutting.

Jason Clayton, (BFA Design 2012)

I am currently working for Graphic Collective as a graphic designer and Mindful Supply as the Social Media Director in Greensbro, NC.

Tiffany Talato, (BFA Design 2011)

After graduation, I first took a design internship at a big corporation for a year and a half, then later applied for a full-time job at an agency. I currently work at Enventys, an agency based in Charlotte. I work as a Graphic & Web Designer.

The art program at UNCG offered a variety of courses that helped me become a well-rounded designer. However, it was my focus on one concentration that allowed me to improve skills and techniques directly related to my desired job (i.e. Graphic Design). So my advice to art students, is to be proactive in joining any activities on-campus and outside of campus as a way to practice one's craft.

Taryn Cowart, (BFA Design 2010)

After graduation I moved to Portland, Oregon. I am a designer for Atelier Ace, the Design/Architecture/Interiors/Marketing/PR crew behind Ace Hotel. I make flyers, books, and lots of random print ephemera. Outside work, I make print-based art and design projects.

UNCG's art program taught me a lot about many different ways of making art. It was an immense benefit to have access to printmaking, photography, digital design tools, sculpture, etc., all under one roof. (And amazing teachers who work in different mediums!) I think the best designers know how to make a lot of things—and feel confident making new things—and the experimental/interdisciplinary vibe at UNCG definitely helped inform my perspective and approach. I also worked on the Coraddi during my time at UNCG, which taught me how to collaborate with a big group of people, manage a budget, promote and share, etc. All super important skills for a young designer to have.

Virginia Heinl, (BFA Art Ed 2011)

I was lucky to find a job the following fall after I graduated. I am the Visual Art Teacher at the First flight Middle School in Dare County (the Outer Banks). I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. UNCG is a highly accredited university, especial in the arts and education fields. It was to my benefit that I received my degree here rather than another university. The staff, professors, technology and overall support was incredible. Maria Lim was my faculty advisor and was immensely helpful in preparing me for employment as an Art Teacher.

I post lessons and student work on my blog at

Heather Smith, (BFA Art Ed 2013)

I took six months off after graduation and started my own pottery business. I worked on my own art in a spare bedroom of my townhouse. I am currently teaching art at Kiser Middle School in Guilford County. I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Kiser is a wonderful community with fantastic teachers and great students.

Student teaching and the extra internship I took at Doris Henderson Newcomers School was the best experience I had at UNC-G. The opportunity really allowed me to gain classroom experience that I still use in my classroom today. Dr. Maria Lim has prepared me beyond words to begin teaching! My lessons are detailed and well organized which in turn allows me to deliver great instruction to my children! Her husband Po is the entire reason I started my pottery business! I learned so much from him in his 5 week summer course! It was just amazing. 

My outer banks pottery website is still being designed but I have

Paul Vincent, (BA Art History 2011)

I received a BA degree in Art History and Museum Studies in the Fall of 2011. I am currently studying at American University to earn a MA degree in Art History.

I am currently working part-time at The Phillips Collection. I will look for a museum position, preferably as a registrar or preparator once I graduate in the Spring.

The art history courses that professor Richard Gantt taught while I was at the university inspired me immensely to pursue my interest for art and I am greatly indebted to him.  I am also grateful for, and extend my thanks to, the art history department for their high level of commitment and passion which motivated me to continue in this field. 

 I keep this Wordpress blog: "Silentpaul's Good Word" (This was a project professor Lee Walton asked our 2009 etching class to complete and I continue to update it.)


Adam Wamsley, (BFA Design 2010)

I received a BFA degree in Design in the Summer of 2010. Following graduation, I had an photography internship.

I am currently working as a freelance photographer and photo retoucher in Raleigh, North Carolina..

While at UNCG, I tried a lot of things until I found something that truly interested me. The more I knew about other subjects the more it helped me hone my skills as an artist.



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