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Information for Students: Advising

2015 Fall Semester Advising for continuing students begins March 16.

All Freshmen with 23 or fewer earned credit hours are advised by the College of Arts & Sciences Advising Center (CASA) located in Room 25 Foust Building. Email them at

Transfer, and study abroad students are advised to contact Lawrence Jenkens to find their advisor.  His office is located in Room 138 Gatewood.

Most Studio BAs are advised by art history professor,Dr. Heather Holianwho is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Art Department. In early March, Dr. Holian will send an email informing advisees of advising sessions where they may receive their fall advising code.

In order to receive their spring advising code advisees must attend one of these sessions.

In the meantime, students with special advising questions may make an appointment via email to see Dr. Holian during her office hours, M or W 3:30-5:00 in Weatherspoon 229.

When do I register for Fall 2015?

Fall 2015 registration begins at 12:00 a.m. March 30.

Students may look up their advising window on Genie by following these steps:

  1. Enter secure area (log into UNCGenie)
  2. Select "Student" tab
  3. Select Registration
  4. Check Registration Status

All Sophomore, Junior, and Senior BFAs and Art History BAs are advised by individual faculty advisors in the Art Department.  Log in to UNCGenie to find the name of your advisor, to check the course catalogue, or to find your current course schedule.

For course lists and recommended schedules of courses for the various concentrations within the Art Department, see the individual pages for those programs:



Computer Recommendations

The Art Department uses Apple Macintosh computers almost exclusively; keep this in mind when buying a computer. Windows and Linux users may have some compatibility issues with the computers in our digital design and photography studios, though they are acceptable. Laptops are recommended for most students due to their portability and versatility. For students that plan to do more graphically intense work, a desktop computer may make sense. If you are interested in buying an Apple Macintosh computer please visit the Apple education store.

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