Art Department


General Information

Unannounced Visitors

The Art Department generates a lot of activity during the academic year with the Falk Visiting Artist program and guest lecturers/critics. All visitors will be announced, and you will be invited to sign up for activities involving them. For your safety, any person who "drops in" to the studios, loiters or displays inappropriate behavior should be reported to the Art Department office or to Campus Police at 334-4444.

Copy Machine (& Scan)

There is a copy machine located in the Art Department faculty workroom (STAC 139). The copy machine is for department use only.


There is a fax machine located in the Art Department faculty workroom (139).


All studio areas have a collection of tools and equipment for student use. Check-out procedures will be discussed during classes.


No smoking is allowed in the Maud Gatewood Studio Arts Building. It is considered a fire hazard and cannot be tolerated. You must be at least 25 feet away from exterior doors when smoking.

Video Library

The Art Department has a small collection of art videos (VHS), available for check-out at no charge. To check out a video, stop by the Art Department office, 138-A STAC. There is also a video library at the Jackson Library on campus. There are two collections, an instructional collection and a browsing collection. You must have a valid student ID to check out videos at no charge.

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