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Candidacy / Graduate Reviews

MFA Mid year Reviews


Graduate evaluations are scheduled once a semester for all students who are not currently in the last semester of their thesis.

Graduate mid-year evaluations for first and second year students will take place in December.

Director of Graduate Studies will appoint 3-4 committees of graduate faculty members who will review student work in designated areas. Sign-up sheets will be posted in advance outside the Art Department Office.

Each committee evaluation is intended to be a constructive exchange of ideas during which the student and faculty critically examine the work presented and talk about how a student's skills can be improved and refined. It is helpful for students to prepare for reviews by making an appointment with faculty members, arranging a studio visit prior to reviews, or consulting with the Graduate Director.

A summary evaluation form will be given to the student with recommendations and is intended to be a progress review. No grade will be recorded on official records.


Candidacy reviews are scheduled for all second-year MFA students in September. A committee of graduate faculty appointed by the Graduate Director and Department Head will review work with the graduate student present in their studios. A sign-up sheet will be posted.

During candidacy reviews students will be expected to discuss theoretical, conceptual, formal, and technical aspects of their work. Students are expected to present a body of work judged by the committee of graduate faculty to demonstrate an informed understanding where their work is situated at that particular moment.

The Graduate Director will inform students of the committees' decisions and schedule an opportunity to discuss thesis preparation and the constitution of a thesis committee.

Please consult the Graduate Director for more information.


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