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Safety Guidelines: Woodshop

Required Shop Orientation

All users of the woodshop must have a demonstrated knowledge of shop tools and safety prior to working in the woodshop. Shop orientation is required for all users. Shop Supervisor, faculty and attendants reserve the right to deny admittance to anyone not having satisfactorily completed the shop orientation.

Shop Safety

  1. EYE PROTECTION (ANSI 287 Safety Glasses) MUST BE WORN in the shop. Ear protection is highly recommended. (Sound levels should be monitored to determine whether ear protection is required.)
  2. DO NOT WORK ALONE IN THE WOODSHOP. The Shop Supervisor or attendant must be present
  3. NO FOOD OR DRINK in the woodshop.
  6. DO NOT FORCE TOOLS. If a tool does not work without force, notify Shop Supervisor or attendant immediately.
  7. KNOW THE TOOL you are working with before attempting to use it. You must have documented training about the operation of a tool. Ask Shop Supervisor for instruction before proceeding.
  8. NEVER ASSUME A TOOL IS PROPERLY ADJUSTED. Always check the tool prior to use.
  9. COURTEOUS BEHAVIOR IS A SAFETY OBLIGATION. Please notify anyone standing near a tool before you turn it on. By working in this woodshop you grant the shop attendant and/or faculty the right to deny admittance if your behavior is deemed unsafe.
  10. IN CASE OF INJURY, STOP WORK and notify the shop attendant or faculty immediately. Even a small injury can cause you to go into shock. Immediately seek treatment of major injuries and call 4-4444, the University Police. A first aid kit is provided to treat minor injuries. If you are in the shop when someone is injured, you must stop working and assist him or her, but you must be trained to provide first aid.

No Tool Check Out!

Tools May Not Leave The Woodshop!

Use Of Woodshop

  1. Woodshop is to be used ONLY by students and faculty of the ART and IARC departments of UNCG. Students are permitted in the woodshop only when working on an assigned project. Allow others to work safely and effectively by taking non-shop activities out of the woodshop.
  2. HOURS OF OPERATION: Users may work in the woodshop only during posted hours and/or during studio hours, or when accompanied by and under the supervision of the Shop Supervisor, a trained faculty member, or a trained shop attendant.
  3. ALL WOOD IN THE WOODSHOP BELONGS TO SOMEONE. The only scrap wood in the shop is in the bins by double outside doors. Wood in these bins is for anyone to use. The woodshop does NOT provide materials, hardware, or sandpaper. ALL materials for projects are to be provided by each individual user for each project.
  4. DO NOT STORE YOUR PROJECTS IN THE SHOP, including ongoing projects. At the end of the school year projects remaining in the shop will become the property of UNCG and may be discarded.
  5. DO NOT PAINT, SPRAY, OR USE CHEMICALS IN THE WOODSHOP. Woodshop is for wood working only. Wood finishing must be done outside the woodshop in an appropriately ventilated area.
  6. DO NOT GLUE in the woodshop without first putting down paper to catch spilled glue. Do NOT glue on top of machinery or wood benches. Use glue sparingly ñ a little works best.
  7. All users are responsible for replacement of broken components, should misuse cause the breakage of any tool or accessory. Power tools are minimally provided by UNCG with all basic blades, bits, and belts. Users are responsible for providing any additional tools. Outside accessories must be compatible with UNCG tools and machinery, which may not be modified in any way.

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