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The BB&T Program on Capitalism, Markets, and Morality at the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) is an interdisciplinary program that encourages the study of the moral and philosophical foundations of capitalism.  The program is committed to providing an in-depth and balanced examination of the moral, legal, economic and political debates surrounding issues of freedom, personal responsibility, justice and social welfare.


The Program on Capitalism, Markets and Morality has developed undergraduate and graduate courses on the ethical and moral foundations of capitalism as an economic system and the issues associated with capitalism today.  The undergraduate course, Markets and Morality is offered as a freshman seminar course through the Lloyd International Honors College.  The graduate course is entitled Ethics and Economics and is open to graduate students across campus.

Speaker Series

In addition to expanded course offerings, the program sponsors a distinguished lecture series featuring academic and professional economists, philosophers, political scientists and business leaders.  The series is designed to provide diverse viewpoints in order to engage undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and the community in a discussion of morality, freedom and capitalism.

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