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Internship Program

Taking part in an internship is the best way to make sure your career gets headed in the right direction. Participating in an internship is the prime way for you to:

  • Gain experience in the career field(s) that interests you
  • Do meaningful work for an organization
  • Learn practical career skills while getting paid for your efforts

Students can take part in internships during the fall and spring semesters and during the summer.

  • Full-time day MBA students are required to participate in internships during the summer between their first and second year. Full-time day MBA students will enroll in "MBA 742 - The Organizational Internship" to earn credit for their summer internships. In addition to the summer internship, full-time day MBA students may participate in and earn credit for internships during their second year of the program.
  • Evening MBA, MSITM, and Certificate Program students are encouraged to participate in internships at any time during their studies if they are not currently working full-time, or if they are interested in gaining experience in another career field while currently employed.
  • Summer internships are designed as 8-10 week full-time work experiences.
  • The work you do during your internship should add real value to the organization while helping you learn and gain experience.
  • Many internships are time limited projects with a definite beginning and end.
  • You can choose to do your internship for academic credit if the internship is approved by your Program Director and/or your Advisor prior to your acceptance of the internship. International students are required to do internships for credit at any time during the year. Again, summer internships are required for academic credit for full-time day MBA students.
  • Students should treat their internship experiences as 8-10 week job interviews since there is the potential of being offered a full-time job upon completion of your internship or upon graduation.

For additional information about internships, please click here for "Internship FAQ's."

For more information, please contact our office at (336) 334-9815. To schedule an appointment, please login to your SpartanCareers account and request an appointment.

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