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When writing your resume, always keep two important things in mind:
1) Your resume is a marketing tool -- it needs to fit the position you're applying for.
2) Making a great first impression is a critical component of the job search process, and having a quality targeted resume is one way to make a great impression.

Your resume should reflect the skill sets and experience that you can bring to the organization in which you are applying to. For that reason, your resume should be tailored to each position and each organization you apply to. A "one resume fits all" approach is not recommended.

We strongly recommend having your resume critiqued by a career counselor before applying for jobs and internships. It's always helpful to have another set of eyes look at your resume to give you feedback and suggestions for improving your resume. To schedule a meeting with a career counselor to discuss your resume, please call Diana Brandt at 334-9815.

Quick Tips for Writing a Winning Resume

#1 Your Resume is a Marketing Tool!

#2 Customize Your Resume (content, format, style, etc.).

#3 Appearance Counts (format, content, spelling, organization, etc.).

#4 Be Accomplishment Oriented, Use Action Words, & Include Skills (quantify information when appropriate – $’s, #’s, %’s).

#5 List Information in Order of Relevancy.

#6 Include a Variety of Experience (work, volunteer, leadership, activities, projects, etc.).

#7 Keep It Simple & Concise.

#8 Be Honest.

#9 Leave Off Irrelevant and Personal Information.

#10 Always Proofread Your Resume! (Spell check doesn't catch everything!!!)

#11 Be Prepared to Spend Time & Effort on Your Resume and Update It Regularly!

The following are additional resume writing tips and other resources that will help you perfect your resume.

Resume Tips & Guide
Action Verbs

Resume Samples

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4

Additional Information

For more information please refer to the resume samples and information found on CareerBeam, Vault and the other resources listed below:

  1. CareerBeam
  2. Resumagic
  3. Quintessential Careers
  4. Resume-Resource

If you would like a Career Counselor to review your resume or if you need assistance writing your resume, please login to your SpartanCareers account to request an appointment.

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