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imageAs the Triad’s leading supplier of graduate business school talent, we want to actively partner with Triad and North Carolina employers, in particular, to help ensure your success.  The more we understand your organization, know your people, and are aware of your business goals, we can add real value by helping you find the right talent to help your organization succeed.

Here are some current best practices in working with us to effectively source and grow talent:

Find the Right Talent:

  • Meet with the Director of Bryan Career Services & Internship Programs on your site to let us know about your current and future talent needs.
  • Help us learn about your organization. What are the values and mission of your organization and how have they changed over time? What are the characteristics of people in the organization who have recently been promoted? How are business decisions really made, and how do the most important things get accomplished? What are the opportunities and challenges that you currently face?
  • Engage with our programs as appropriate for your organization. Sponsor an internship opportunites for our Bryan School undergraduate and/or graduate students, participate in a Capstone Consulting Project to solve a business problem, take part in on-campus events, host a networking night at your site, etc. The more involved you are, the more students will see you as an employer of choice.
  • If you have Bryan alumni working in your organization, encourage them to connect with our students through on-campus programs, informational interviews, etc.

Sourcing the Talent:

  • Post your job and internship opportunities for free through SpartanCareers, the university’s job posting system for access to talent across all departments from UNCG.  Don’t forget to post positions for experienced professionals as well as entry level candidates. Important Note: Companies are required to post positions on SpartanCareers. However, this is just one way to make qualified students aware of your opportunities.
  • After posting, we will promote your opportunities to students within majors that fit the position, as well as those we know who have the skills and interests that are a fit for your positions.
  • Please stay in contact with us regarding your conversations/interviews with students. We welcome your feedback on the students who apply and/or interview for your opportunities. With your permission, we will share the feedback with students.

Follow Up:

  • Stay in close contact with us and give us feedback. Let us know by e-mail or phone when you have an upcoming talent need. Tell us how we are doing and what we can do to be more effective in serving you.
  • Meet with us in person periodically to maximize the effectiveness of our relationship, review results and plan for your future needs. Don't forget to let us know when you hire someone!

Grow Your Talent:

  • If you have the need for business management education as part of your ongoing internal management development efforts, learn more about the Bryan School’s Executive Education Programs which are designed for working professionals. Click here for more information.

Contact Darlene Broadhurst for more information: or 336-256-0390.

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