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Few of our employer partners realize that the Bryan MBA was the first evening MBA program offered in the State of North Carolina, dating back to the early 1970s. In the early years, the Bryan Evening MBA program served primarily as a strong source of internal management development, educating corporate managers in new ways of thinking about their business challenges.

Today, the Evening MBA program retains a strong element of students who have been sponsored by their organizations toward greater learning and advancement. About 30 percent of our students receive close to 100 percent financial support for their education from their employers.

However, changes in the local economy have changed our program as well. Recent surveys show that 70 percent of our evening MBA students are likely to change jobs or career fields during or after their program. These motivated students realize the importance of developing their intellectual capital and have taken the initiative to advance their knowledge.

The diversity of age, amount of experience, and functional expertise helps to continue our identity as the leading supplier of graduate business talent for the Triad. The vast majority of our students want to stay in the Triad or in North Carolina upon graduation.

Some statistics for the Evening MBA

  • Total number of students: 115
  • Average Age: 33 Range: 21-59
  • Average Years of Professional Experience: 11
  • Functional Areas of Experience: Marketing: 18%, Operations: 15% (includes supply chain, quality, manufacturing, project management, etc), Other: 15% (includes health care clinicians, teachers, scientists, government professionals), Information Technology: 14%, Engineering: 10%, Sales: 10%, Accounting and Finance: 9%, Human Resources: 5%, General Management: 4%
  • Female: 39%
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