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Jessica Houser


Name: Jessica Houser

Graduation Date: May 2009
Internship(s) Held During MBA Program: Alliance, Project Management Intern, Winston-Salem, NC

Current Employer: Bank of Oak Ridge in Greensboro, NC

Current Job Title: Payroll and Benefits Administrator


Jessica Houser, a former MBA student at the Bryan School with strong interests in Operations and Human Resources, interned for Alliance, a Fortune 500 company with a design, sales, fulfillment and manufacturing facility in Winston Salem, NC.

Jessica was committed to find a full-time position in Human Resources before graduation and started her job search early. Two months before her graduation in May 2009 she joined the Bank of Oak Ridge in Greensboro, NC as a Payroll and Benefits administrator with the goal to grow as the company grows.

In what ways has Bryan Graduate Career Services been most helpful to you during your time in the graduate program?

Bryan Graduate Career Services has been extremely helpful in fine-tuning my resume for submission to job postings and with writing my cover letters. The mock interview done my first year in the program greatly helped in preparing for the interview process.

My summer internship in project management was very helpful in getting a feel of what working in a large Fortune 500 company would be like. I learned a great deal of interpersonal skills needed to be successful on the job as well as proper business etiquette in a professional setting.

What career related tips or advice would you give to other graduate students or prospective students?

Start the job hunting process early!

Take advantage of career services' resources as far as writing a resume, mock interviews and writing a cover letter.

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