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Kalpesh Padhye


Name: Kalpesh Padhye

Graduation Date: May 2009
Internship(s) Held During MBA Program: Business Development and Consulting Intern, Southside Business Technology Center (SBTC), Martinsville, VA

Current Employer: Frost & Sullivan in Mumbai, India

Current Job Title: Senior Research Analyst- Automation & Electronics


Kalpesh, day-time MBA student from India, was solely interested in finance before joining the program. However, after submerging himself in his Bryan MBA studies and talking to his career counselor, he started to develop strong interests in marketing and strategy.   Kalpesh started at SBTC during the summer of 2008, after completion he was asked to continue during the fall and spring semester of 2009.

In what ways has Bryan Graduate Career Services been most helpful to you during your time in the graduate program?

I have participated in mock interviews, networking events, on-campus interviews, and taken full advantage of the resume service organized by Bryan Graduate Services. I am especially thankful to Ms. Darlene Broadhurst, who always helped me in updating my resume, giving contact information for informational interviews, and other career related tips.

My internship was a great learning experience! My work involved various projects such as market research and analysis, strategy recommendations, and the development of business plans. The thing I like best about the projects is that I am exposed to all areas of businesses - finance, strategy, marketing, and operation, and hence, I am able to apply all the tools and techniques that I learned in the different courses of the Bryan MBA program. In addition, learning how businesses run in the US has been one of the most important things I have learned.

What career related tips or advice would you give to other graduate students or prospective students?

Understanding which area of business one likes the most is difficult, so as you go through the MBA program, try to find out which field you are passionate about. Try to continuously improve upon your skills utilizing feedback from your professors, your classmates, and other corporate people you meet along the journey.  Do not forget to NETWORK as it is key to getting an internship or job.

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