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David Kutas




Name: David Kutas

Graduation Date: May 2011 (Expected)
Internship(s) Held During MBA Program: Data Analysis Intern, Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC

In what ways has Bryan Graduate Career Services been most helpful to you during your time in the graduate program?

The staff of Bryan Graduate Career Services has been instrumental in helping developing my resume, offering tips for successful interviews, and providing on-the-spot professional analysis of some tougher professional/personal situations.

Bryan Graduate Career Services also assisted me in obtaining an internship at the Center for Creative Leadership, an organization that designs and implements leadership workshops for companies and organizations all over the world. From my internship I learned the importance of devotion to the content, a dedication to improve my skills, and an intellectual curiosity that is based in a passion and focus for the job of your choosing.  These attributes and skills will help me in my desired career field as an educational administrator for the North Carolina Public School System.

Darlene was always available for a sit-down or just a pass-by visit.  My resume is a product of her being willing to sit down with me and work on it until it sparkled.  My internship was acquired in large part because of how impressed CCL was the content and presentation of my resume.  

What career related tips or advice would you give to other graduate students or prospective students?

The most important lesson I've learned is the importance of leveraging strengths.  One should strive to become aware of strengths, deploy them strategically, and shore up deficiencies. 

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