Transcript - Vikrant Rai

First thing is, I come from India, so it has a very different culture from the U.S. And Iíve done my undergraduate in electronics and communications, so I come from a non-business background. So understanding the concepts of MBA and business has really been a big challenge for me. And Iíve been able to work on this challenge by professors at the Bryan school who have been really helpful to help me understand the minutest concepts in the MBA program; it was really helpful. And, in terms of adjusting to the culture, I it was helpful that the classmates in my class were really good and they made me adjust to this environment very easily.

The reason I started up with an internship is whatever I learned in class, the theoretical knowledge I want to put it into use in the practical world to see how the company culture works, like, I want to see how the concepts can be put in, how I might be able to gain value from it. I was to see how corporate culture in America works and how I am able to adjust to it. So with an internship, I would basically be able to understand how the theoretical concepts are put into the practical world and it would be a valuable asset for me.

The first thing, what I would like to give for prospective students is: keep networking, it is very essential. What Iíve learned about career services out here is: do mock interviews or visit an information session; itís very essential to know how you go present yourself to the employers. So, when you go to mock interviews or go to information sessions, you become more comfortable and when you have an interview, you can easily go crack that. The second most important thing is: keep searching different avenues. Not only go through internship websites, but keep meeting the career services officer. Like, Darlene, she was a great help for me. She helped me go make my resume. She gave me interviews skills and that is how I became comfortable. So when I had an interview with any organization, I was very comfortable. So it is very essential to go, keep searching, as well as meeting with the career services center.

Career services has been valuable to me in a way while it has made me a complete package. When I came out here, I didnít know how to make a resume or how to write a cover letter. Darlene Broadhurst helped me a lot in how to present a resume or a CV. The importance of presenting yourself in an interview, how to network in the sessions; I was very impressed by the way Bryan MBA had kept events like an etiquette dinner where people had to just go network, I had-I like the Schmooza Palooza where you just go talk to people. So, these were very interesting concepts which made me very comfortable talking to people and that how I felt that career services brought a big change in me and I have landed an internship.