Journal of Global Information Technology Management (J G I T M)

The leading journal on global information technology management and an authoritative source


SCOPE AND COVERAGE:  The journal's scope is multidisciplinary.  It will publish research and applied articles from all areas of MIS as well as functional IT applications that have international focus. The journal will also consider a variety of methodological approaches. The journal encourages manuscript submissions from authors all over the world, both from academia and industry. In addition, the journal will also include reviews of MIS books that have bearing on global aspects. Practitioner input will be specifically solicited from time-to-time in the form of invited columns or interviews.

Besides quality work, at a minimum each submitted article should have the following three components:  an MIS topic, an international orientation (e.g., cross cultural studies or strong international implications), and strong evidence (e.g., survey data, case studies, secondary data, etc.).

We do not favor any particular research methodology.  Articles may take the positivist or interpretivist approach, and may use any of the quantitative or qualitative methodologies.

Articles in the Journal of Global Information Technology Management include, but are not limited to:

Cross-cultural IS studies
Frameworks/models for global information systems (GIS)
Development, evaluation and management of GIS
Information Resource Management
Electronic Commerce
Privacy & Security
Societal impacts of IT in developing countries
IT and Economic Development
IT Diffusion in developing countries
IT in Health Care
IT human resource issues
DSS/EIS/ES in international settings
Organizational and management structures for GIS
Transborder data flow issues
Supply Chain Management
Distributed global databases and networks
Cultural and societal impacts
Comparative studies of nations
Applications and case studies 

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