Journal of Global Information Technology Management (J G I T M)

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Send your manuscript by email as a Word attachment to the Editor in Chief,

1.    The paper length should be about 25 double-spaced typed pages in font size 12, not including references, figures, and tables.

2.    Do not include excessive references.  Suggested number of references: between 30 and 40. 

3.    Please include appropriate references from the Journal of Global Information Technology Management (JGITM).  JGITM is the premier journal in global IT management and chances are high that articles related to your research have been published in it before.

4.    Writing, citations, and references should be in the style of MIS Quarterly.  Please be sure to conform with this requirement else publication may be delayed.

5.    Include a cover page that has only your paper title and complete author(s) information.

6.   After the cover page, the next page should have the paper title and an abstract.  There should be no author identification information in the paper (including the references).

7.    Provide 4-5 keywords.

8.    Provide author biographies (about 75 words each)

9.    The journal does not use section numbers.  Instead we have headings, as indicated below:

-          We prefer one or two levels of headings, but no more than three.

-          First level: bold, all caps, flush to the left.

-          Second level: bold, first letter of each word in cap, flush to the left

-          Third level (try not to use it): Underlined, first letter of each word in cap, flush to the left

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