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There are two schools that are Bryan School Partners in England:

  1. Plymouth University
  2. Hull University

In both of these schools students can take Business School classes primarily in the Common Body of Knowledge area and the major elective area in Marketing, Human Resources, Management, and some Finance. The Economics department is not part of the Business School but our Economics majors can also take ECO classes at these schools. Students should be finished with their pre-admit coursework in ACC, ECO, and ISM and have a minimum GPA of 2.75.

University of Plymouth LogoThe University of Plymouth is made up of four once-independent institutions and has four campuses: Seale-Hayne (which specializes in agriculture); Exmouth (education); Exeter (art and design); and Plymouth (the main campus). Plymouth University has 12,500 students.

Plymouth University BuildingPlymouth Business School (PBS) is a unit of Plymouth University . It is located on the southern coast of England .

PBS houses a modern foreign language program. Students can take the 101-203+ level courses at Plymouth in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, and Italian.

Bryan Students studying in Plymouth can take the following classes during a fall semester (there are additional year-long classes available):


An Introduction to Operations Management SCM 302
Consumer Behaviour and Communications A MKT 424
Economics of Business Organisation ECO elective
Economics of Public Policy ECO elective
Economics of the EU ECO 365
International Comparative HRM HR elective
International Economics ECO 300
International Marketing MKT 426
Marketing for Engineers MKT elective
Marketing Fundamentals MKT 320
Marketing Management MKT elective
Regional Economics ECO elective


City Info: 'Cawsand Cornwall at the entrance to Plymouth Sound

  • Plymouth , with 260,000 inhabitants, is the largest city in southwestern England . Some of the oldest remnants of early civilization - most notably, Stonehenge - are in this area.
  • A safe and relatively inexpensive city, Plymouth is three hours from London by train, and only a ferry ride from Europe.
  • Every year there is a big sailing yacht race that begins in Plymouth and ends in New York City . It is a huge event that draws thousands to the area.
  • Plymouth is the birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh. It is also the port where many of the early American settlers departed for the New World. There is a commemorative statue honoring this on the Plymouth Harbor .


ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate
COURSES: Business
CREDIT: Up to 30 semester hrs. for an academic year
COST: UNCG tuition and fees/room and board
HOUSING: On campus single room, shared kitchen
DATES: Fall (Sept. - Dec.) or Academic year (Sept. - June)


University of Hull LogoThe University of Hull is located about 30 minutes from the eastern coast of England . The main campus is in Hull and a secondary campus in Scarborough. Business classes are taught at the main campus only. The Scarborough campus teaches mostly arts and sciences classes and some vocational areas.

University of Hull CampusHull University is one of the traditional red-brick British universities with a student body of 9,000. It is located right on the edge of the city, with open fields around it.

Among the learning modes and media you will experience are lectures, tutorials, workshops, group/team work, presentations and online materials.

Guest speakers also bring real-world business expertise into the school.

Courses (modules) offered in the past include:

Accounting Information Systems ACC 325
Business Economics ECO 000
Business Finance and Control (56512) FIN 315
Business Finance Management (56720) FIN 315
Business Law and Ethics PHI 361
Business Project Management (26007) ISM 325
Business Technology Management ISM 000
Current Issues in Finance FIN 315
Database Systems (26008) ISM 315
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (26724) MGT 470
Financial Management FIN 319
Human Resource Management (26014) MGT 313
Indian Philosophy HFA/GPR
Internet and E-commerce ISM 000
Intro to Philosophy PHI 111
Introduction to C ++ ISM 000
Management and Development (26018) MGT 470
Management Information System (26019) ISM 000
Management Process (26038) MGT 375
Marketing Communications MGT 309
Marketing Management MKT 320
Math for Management (26022) ISM 000
Programming for Internet ISM 000


Hull Campus

City Info:

  • Kingston-upon-Hull, as the city is known officially, is located on the northern shore of the Humber, one of the largest rivers in Britain , in close proximity to the sea and the countryside. It has a population of about 330,000.
  • You can take a ferry from the coast near the Hull-Scarborough campus to Amsterdam .
  • Hull was a town that was bombed heavily during WWII. The downtown area has been rebuilt and revitalized. It is mainly, though, a "university town."
ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate
COURSES: Full curriculum
CREDIT: 12-15hrs./semester
COST: UNCG tuition and fees; housing/meals paid in Hull (approx. same as UNCG)
HOUSING: Student flat or dorm room
DATES: Fall (Sept - Jan), Spring (Feb.- June), or full year (Sept-June)



Page updated: 06-May-2010

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