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The Bryan School 's partner in Scotland is the University of Strathclyde.

Strathclyde is located in Glasgow which is in the northern part of Scotland.

StrathclydeStrathclyde is a well-known university with a top-ranked business school. Students who apply for Strathclyde should be juniors, have completed all the pre-admit coursework, and have a strong GPA.

The program at Strathclyde is good for all business majors but is especially well-suited for ISOM and ECO majors.

Courses Bryan Students have taken in the past include:

Human Resource Management (41-248) MGT 313
Information Resources Management I (38-411) ISM 280
International Economics (31-329) ECO 300
International Marketing (66-230) MKT 426
Intro to Investments (40-135) FIN 422
Macroeconomics (31-220) ECO 346
Managing Organizations (41-247) MGT 312
Money and Finance (31-221) ECO 327
Prices and Markets (31-218) ECO 301
Principles of Marketing full year (66-122) MKT 320, MKT 000
Statistical Analysis (53-102) ECO 250

City Info:
Botanical Gardens in Glasgow

  • Strathclyde is not too far from St. Andrews, where Prince William is studying.
  • The university has a vibrant international student population with many extracurricular activities and excursions arranged by the school.
  • Traveling to Glasgow by train is easy and inexpensive.

The University of Strathclyde was founded in 1796. It was established as a university by Royal Charter by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1964. It is located in Glasgow , the largest city in Scotland , and has been described as Britain 's finest Victorian city. Strathclyde is an acknowledged leader among the technological and scientific universities of the UK and Europe . It is Scotland 's third largest university, with 12,700 students.

Strathclyde Campus
ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate
COURSES: Full curriculum
CREDIT: Up to 30 semester hrs. for an academic year
COST: UNCG tuition and fees; housing/meals paid in Strathclyde (approx. same as UNCG)
HOUSING: On campus single room
DATES: Academic year (Sept. - June) or Spring (Jan. - June)

Page updated: 10-Sep-2009

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