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Anna ChurchAnna Church
Deakin University, Australia

I studied at Deakin Burwood in Melbourne, Australia. I always knew I wanted to study abroad and when I looked into my options, I knew Australia was the place! The city I lived in, the places I visited, and the people I met were ten times as amazing as I thought they’d be! Here’s a general idea of what my time down under was like.

I stayed in Burwood Student Village at Deakin Burwood. It was right next to the campus, so it was very convenient; much like our on-campus residences here. I lived in a unit of 10 people. We each had our own rooms (which was nice, so you can retreat to study) but had community bathrooms and two of every kitchen appliance downstairs. There was no meal plan, so I went with friends down the street to do my grocery shopping each week. At the beginning of the semester, our R.A.s would assign two people every other week to pick a night and cook for the unit. That was so much fun! We all sat down around a big table and ate dinner together. I loved getting to know every person I lived with, and all the others that lived at BSV.

I was ready to adapt to the different teaching style when I got there, but it really wasn’t that hard! Each class you sign up for meets twice each week. One is a lecture, the other a tutorial. The lecture is when every person signed up for that class, for example ACC 201, meets in a large lecture hall and the lecturer teaches, usually without interruption. The tutorial, however, is a small group of people, usually between 10 and 20, and the tutor goes over homework and any questions you may have. Some classes may have daily homework, but your grade depends on the assignments. Each of my classes had about 2-3 assignments throughout the entire semester, and one exam at the end, worth between 50% and 70% of my grade. Don’t let the large percentage scare you! If you keep up with your work and study, you’ll do great!

Transportation in the city was never a problem. At orientation, they gave us brochures on how to get a concession card for transportation in the state of Victoria. It gives you great discounts and lower prices for buses, trams, and trains. I saved a lot of money using the concession card! I know that discount airlines are becoming more popular in the States; Australia had an airline very similar to this! It was called Jetstar. I flew Jetstar a lot with my friends to go traveling. It was only $70 for a flight to Sydney!


  • Don’t overpack! Make sure you are packing only what you need! Trust me, you’ll want the extra space once you’ve gone shopping!
  • Don’t wait! Go ahead and get your passport if you don’t already have one. Always allow time for something that might arrive late!

Page updated: 17-Feb-2009

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