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Heather Anglin Heather Anglin
Hull University, UK

I have always loved to travel and in high school I knew that I wanted to study abroad. When I came to UNCG, I was determined to make that goal a reality, so I began my preparations. I researched the different schools available, but I ultimately decided to go to England because I knew that they had a great business school. I also wanted to see Europe and I knew that if I studied in England I would have a chance to travel around. I was hoping that by studying abroad I could prove to myself that I am capable of doing things on my own. Not only did I learn to do things on my own, but I also did them in a completely different country with new friends.

I stayed in a flat that was operated by the school and it was practically located on campus. I had the opportunity to live with two guys from New York, a girl from France, a girl from the UK and a guy from Scotland. This was my first time living with international students, but I quickly learned to adapt to their cultural differences. I had my own bedroom and it was already furnished with everything that I needed. I enjoyed living so close to school and I quickly learned to adapt to living with new roommates.

I took four classes while I was in Hull, but I still had plenty of time to travel and see the country. I took an introduction to marketing class, a business law class, a human resource management class and a class on European history. The classes were composed of lectures and modules. This format allowed students to have more hands-on experience and to use their problem-solving skills while working with business concepts. In three of my classes my grade was solely based on the final exam at the end of the course and in the other class I wrote a paper and gave a presentation. The university encourages the students to do more outside reading and it is geared toward self-directed learning through research.

While in England, I was able to travel to some of the main tourist sites including London, Stonehenge and Bath. I also attended a horse race in a nearby town called Beverly. During my three-week spring break, I traveled to Venice, Rome, Florence and Paris. Being able to travel during my spring break was the most memorable part about my experience. I stayed in hostels and used cheap airlines in order to go to all of these places on a limited budget.

Impact on my future
I think that studying abroad has made me much more confident about myself. I learned to open myself up to others that I do not know and I also learned to adapt to any situation. I feel like I am more laid back now and open for any changes that life brings. I have learned not to stress about small things and I try to prioritize the things that are important in life. I now am considering studying abroad for my masters in Italy because I feel fully capable of taking on new tasks.


  • Try to save as much money as possible for traveling.
  • Research as much as you can about where you are going to know the geography and traditions.
  • Don’t expect the UK to be like the United States just because they speak English.

Page updated: 17-Feb-2009

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