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Jaclyn Case Jaclyn Case
University of Hull, UK

I had never considered studying abroad until the fall semester of my sophomore year. I had had many people come into my classes freshman year to talk about their experiences abroad and give out information about studying abroad to everyone, but never truly considered it an option until my sophomore year. Once I realized that this was something that I really wanted to embark on, I got all the information I could. I decided to study at the University of Hull in England. I was never overly nervous about going abroad, but more anxious for this great experience to begin. I knew that England was the right choice for me and I couldn’t wait to arrive.

I lived on campus in a doom-like setting. I had my own room and bathroom, but shared a kitchen with 7 other people on my hall. There were international students are well as English students on my hall.

I took 3 classes while at Hull. They were a supply chain management class, an advertising class, and an organization class. These classes were much different than classes at UNCG. Each class met once a week for approximately 2 hours and then each class had a 1 hour tutorial. The tutorial was a group of 20-25 students from your class and the professor. You had the opportunity to go over anything that you didn’t understand in the lecture and also did some other work to reinforce the concepts taught in class. My grades in 2 of my classes were solely based on my final exam. My other class had 2 papers due throughout the semester, which my final grade was based on.

While abroad I was able to travel often. It was very easy to travel throughout England using the trains. I was able to visit places such as Manchester, York and London. Cheap airlines also allowed me to travel throughout Europe. During my 2 week spring break I traveled to Florence, Venice, Amsterdam, northern Holland, and London. I also found time to travel throughout the semester to places like Barcelona, Spain and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Impact on my Future
Studying abroad has made me a much more open-minded person. Going into a situation like this you have to learn to adjust easily and learn to accept people’s differences. I also feel that I’m more cultured and educated about other parts of the world. This experience has also made me want to travel more often and go places that I never normally would have considered.


  • Save, Save, Save.
  • Interact with as many people as possible while abroad.
  • Look into different countries to study in, don’t limit yourself
  • Pack light

Page updated: 17-Feb-2009

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