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Lisa Clear Lisa Clear
Lyon, France

Going abroad I hoped to learn how to speak French and take advantage of as many travel opportunities as possible. I was able to meet lots of different students from different backgrounds, which allowed me to become more open-minded and to not worry so much about the small things. It was amazing how quickly everyone connected and how many close friends I made over the course of the journey, many of which I still talk to today. I gained so much independence and was able to do many things that I never knew I could do. I would definitely recommend studying abroad!

I was able to travel to lots of different places. I saw monuments and buildings and did so many things that I would not have the opportunity to do or see if I stayed at UNCG. I even went parasailing over the Mediterranean Ocean on my birthday! I traveled to Spain, Germany, France, Italy, England, Belgium, Switzerland and Monaco. I saw the Coliseum and Roman Forums in Italy, the Segrada Familia in Spain, and visited a concentration camp in Berlin. It was amazing how much I was able to learn about different cultures and customs. I stayed with a friend’s family in Belgium and was able to see how they lived. My friend’s mom even cooked meals for us!

I took more classes than I could have at UNCG and these classes enabled me to gain a different perspective not only on personal ideas and beliefs, but also on different business practices. The coursework was different than at UNCG. Most of my classes were lecture style and we only had one or two tests or one project due at the end of the semester. Most of the classes met only once or twice a week, which gave me an opportunity to travel to different places around Europe.

I lived off-campus in an apartment, which I definitely recommend. I was able to meet so many other international students who lived in the residence as well, and we all hung out together. The apartments were similar to dorms on the UNCG campus, but we had our own kitchens and bathrooms. It was amazing, how quickly we were all able to connect even though we were all from different countries and cultures. It was great to have that kind of a support system and a great group of people to hang out and travel with.



  • Speak as much of the native language as possible
  • Prepare your accommodations before you go
  • Be open-minded
  • Plan your trips and excursions before you start them

Page updated: 17-Feb-2009

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