Bryan School Study Abroad Program


Bryan School Partner Universities


The Bryan School of Business and Economics maintains several bilateral relationships with study abroad exchange partners. Many of these universities have worked with Bryan School students in the past and offer a variety of business, marketing, or management courses.

Non-UNCG Programs

HigginsAside from the many bilateral exchange programs UNCG has to offer, students can also participate in study abroad that is facilitated by one of the programs below.

The University of North Carolina System of has created exchange opportunities with other university systems across the world.  These exchanges are administered by UNC-EP (University of North Carolina-Exchange Programs), which is housed on the UNCG campus.  Students still apply to study abroad through UNCG. To find out more about UNC-EP, visit their website at

UNCG is also a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). This membership allows Bryan students to study in countries where UNCG does not have bilateral exchange partners, such as the Czech Republic, Ghana or Chile.  For more information, please visit