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UNCG PACE Initiatives

Cost Avoidance – $1,642,000

  • ESCO – Energy Savings Plan
  • HEAT – Higher Education Area Transit; Reduces the need to build additional campus parking
  • Reduced debt service payment by refinancing
  • Student credit card payments to eliminate merchant fees paid by UNCG
  • Switched to new P-card provider for higher rebates
  • Streamline travel to reduce time spent filing for reimbursement and increase use of P-card

Savings - $1,140,500

  • Telephone Services provide $250,000 for Graduate Assistantships
  • Eliminated positions in Business Affairs, Police, Human Resources offices
  • Mandated Direct Deposit
  • Eliminated petty cash and travel advances
  • Purchased telephones, rather than renting them year after year
  • Lumped purchases together in order to get maximum discount for computers
  • Combined newspaper ads for positions
  • Cell phones used to replace desk phones

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