Frequently Asked Questions

Do you admit students every Fall?

We only admit students ever other year in the Fall of even numbered years. Review of the applications for the class entering in the Fall of even numbered years begins on January 15th of that year and continues until the class is filled.

Is there a minimum GRE score for admission?

We do not have a fixed minimum score for the GRE--we look at your total package: your GRE scores, your undergraduate GPA, your reel. But in general, the verbal GRE score is the most important element we look at from the GRE. We do not currently have a minimum GRE or TOEFL score for admission.

When do I take the GRE?

The sooner, the better. We begin reviewing applications on January 15 of even numbered years.

What's the deadline for completing my application to the MFA in Drama (Concentration in Film and Video Production)?

It is best to complete your application by January 15 of even numbered years. We begin reviewing applications on that date, and we continue reviewing applicants until our class is full.  We usually have completed that process by May of even numbered years. If you have questions about the deadline, contact frierson@uncg.edu.

Do I need an undergraduate major in the field of film or video?

Often students admitted to the MFA have an undergraduate major in mass media, media studies, media arts or a related discipline. Often students come in with practical experience in the field. Students without appropriate undergraduate or experiential preparation, but who show strong academic and creative promise can apply for admission to the program. Such applicants are frequently admitted but are expected to satisfactorily complete prerequisites in order provide the foundation for their graduate study.

How many students are admitted?

We are a small program. We ordinarily admit fifteen to twenty students every even numbered year.

How do I apply for a scholarship or fellowship?

Every applicant is automatically considered for the available scholarships and fellowships.

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