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The CAC Vision

The CAC Vision

The Communication Across the Curriculum program will evolve into the Communication-Enriched Curriculum, transitioning from a program designed to alter the pedagogical practices of some of its faculty in some of their courses to a program designed to transform the curriculum of every undergraduate degree program in the University. The transition will take shape through three main efforts.

Through its faculty development efforts, the CEC will transform attitudes that presume communication includes merely traditional writing and speaking, and the program will encourage the recognition that twenty-first century communication is written, oral, visual, and aural, and often delivered through digital media. Also through its faculty development efforts, the CEC will transform attitudes toward communication itself, encouraging both faculty and students to recognize that communication is part of the process of learning a subject, not a separate skill gained independently of content, and that, indeed, the very ends and means of every disciplinary and professional activity are its communicative acts. Finally, through its degree-program development efforts, the CEC will transform the University’s entire undergraduate curriculum by helping every department to create a “Communication in the Discipline” (CID) plan tailored to its specific needs. CID plans provide a map for each department or disciplinary unit to visualize and articulate (1) how communication is endemic to the work of its field, (2) how it will teach students to view communication as inextricable from the intellectual work of the field overall, and (3) how it can assess and continually improve its efforts in communication-related instruction.