English as Second Language/Foreign Language Proficient Students


Students whose high school courses were taught in a foreign language may document their proficiency with a high school transcript.

Students who are proficient in a language other than those taught at UNCG may submit a letter of certification from a professor at any accredited U.S. college or university documenting proficiency.

The University will waive the requirement based on a proficiency exam in which you can demonstrate your level of proficiency in your native language as equivalent to that of an intermediate-level language course. UNCG considers proficiency to be the ability to read a newspaper or magazine without a dictionary and understand approximately 80% of what is read and approximately 60% of the spoken word. The student should be proficient in the language at around an 8th grade level.

Instructors who do the assessments may test your proficiency in any way that works for them. This could be a phone conversation, a face-to-face interview or conversation, a written test, or a combination of the above methods.

Please read the packet linked below for instructions and frequently asked questions regarding the Foreign Language Proficiency exam, and feel free to contact Sarah Hamrick ( at the CASA office if you have additional questions and to receive a contact for the exam.

Foreign Language Proficiency Exam Student Packet
(Packet should go to the Downloads folder in your computer)

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