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F E S T I V A L  J U R O R S
1988 - present

The Carolina Film and Video Festival selects three jurors each year to judge the competitive screenings and present the awards. The jurors are producers, directors, animators, filmmakers, or other film professionals who are prominent in their fields. CFVF is proud to have these talented members of the film community take part in our Festival experience.

Juror listing (1988 - present). More recent jurors have short biographies on this site. Click on a juror's linked name to learn more about her or him:

William Rothman (Professor & Author--University of Miami)
Charity Ellis (Filmmaker, Editor, & Writer-OnePeople, Inc.)
Robbie Roberts (Critic, The Spectator Weekly)

  • 1999

    Janos Kovacsi (Filmmaker & Instructor)
    Bob Francesconi (Documentary Filmmaker)
    Julie Simon (Animator & Instructor)

  • 1998

    Jim Goodman (Producer)
    Barbara Klutinis (Experimental Filmmaker)
    Sherri Mullis (Animator)

  • 1997

    Steve Halpert (prof. of Maine & director for art house)
    Yvonne Andersen (prof. of RISDE, animator, director of "Yellow Ball Workshop" and author)
    David Gatten (experimental film maker)

  • 1996

    Karen Aqua (Ind. Animator, MA)
    Ken Fields - guest artist - (Musican, MA)
    David Williams (Ind. Filmmaker- documentary & personal, NC)
    Steve Segal (Animator - PIXAR, CA)

  • 1995

    Shelly Flemming (Experimental Filmmaker & professor-Chicago Art Institute)
    Zack Steglitz (Experimental Filmmaker & professor-Chicago Art Institute)
    Nina Martin (Theorist, Critic, & professor- Northwestern U.,IL)
    J.J. Murphy (Experimental Filmmaker & professor- U. Of Wisconsin)

  • 1994

    Joan Gratz (Ind. Animator)
    Anthony Slide (Ind. Filmmaker, Author, & Film Historian)

  • 1993

    Deanna Morse (Ind. Filmmaker - animation, experimental, & personal, MI)
    Lisa Napoli (Ind. Video & Filmmaker - Catalyst Communications, NC)
    Alan Goland (Narrative Filmmaker,NC)

  • 1992

    Bruce Bickford (Ind. Animator, CA)
    Lisa Napoli (Ind. Video & Filmmaker - Catalyst Communications,NC)
    Iverson White (Ind. Filmmaker, professor-U. Of Wisconsin)
    Micheal Murphy (Ind. Filmmaker, New Orleans)

  • 1991

    Mary Jane Coleman (Founder & Director Sinking Creek Festival)
    Fred Hudson (Screenwriter- Paromount Pict., Pres. -Fredrick Douglass Creative Arts Center, NY)
    Joanna Hudson (Ind. Filmmaker, NC)

  • 1990

    Robert Hercules (Ind. Filmmaker, established Media Process Group, Chicago)
    John Lemmom (Commercial Animator, NC)
    Roy Prendergast (expert on film music, Pres. Of The Music Design Group in Hollywood & partner of International Film Scoring Group)

  • 1989

    J. Steven Hank (Ind. Filmmaker & professor-U. of New Orleans)
    Robert L. Mandigo (Pres. & owner Imagemaker Productions, former UNCG B/C professor)
    Donnell Stoneman (Critic - Greensboro News & Record)

  • 1988

    Gary Davis (Greensboro Cablevision)
    Nancy Sterling (Southeast Film Magazine & Pres. Sterling Productions)
    Donnell Stoneman (Film Critic - Greensboro News & Record)

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