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Class: 1936

Name: Mary Worsley Rives
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: AB 1936
Update(s): 92 years old, retired from V.A. Hospital in Durham, North Carolina in December 1975. Still kicking! Not very high!!! Med. Lab. Tech

Class: 1943

Name: Juliet Kutzleb Coyle
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: Chemistry 1943
Update(s): None

Class: 1944

Name:Dorothy Levis Munroe
Update(s): I am 85 years old and now in retirement and I attended classes at the University of Delaware's Academy of Lifelong Learning.  I have been at the University of Delaware ever since graduation from the Women's College, UNC in 1944.  I received a master's degree in Chemistry from University of Delaware and then married a young instructor in history who spent some 40 plus years teaching there, many as chairman of the history department.  Some 18 years ago the history department chose to name their building for my husband—the first time a building on campus was named for a professor who was still living.  He had retired some 10 years before. 

Class: 1945

Name: Julia Hill Gunn
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: AB (Chemistry Major)–1945
Update(s): In the ‘40’s, women who wanted a science degree could only get a major with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Women, as “Future wives and mothers”, had to have a “well-rounded education”. There were no BS degrees in any science!

Class: 1948

Name:  Theo Elliot Taylor 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year:  1948 
Update(s):  I still live at the same address–will move to retirement house in 2009 (Lenbrook). I will send an address change when I know exactly my moving date. I have lost my husband (leukemia on May 8, 2006) lost my only sister, Paxton, in 2007 (November) and my only brother (Parks) in December 2006. It’s been a sad time for me. I will be 81 years old in Aug. ’08. Note: My sister, Paxton, also attended WCUNC (business degree) she was 84 yrs old when she died in Nov. 2007.  

Name: Kathleen Dellingero Moose
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: AB Chemistry 1948
Update(s): After graduation I spent years working in the Blood Chemistry Lab at Duke University . I married my Air Force Officer husband and followed him around the world and the US . We have a daughter, Cindy (Master’s at UNCG) and a son, Robert Jr. (Architect at UNCG). After my husband retired he opened a Law office in Winston-Salem . After his death I volunteer, Play Bridge, church and enjoy my two grandsons and wonderful great granddaughter (8 months). Memories of WC are Wonderful!

Class: 1949

Name: Elizabeth Graybeal McRimmon
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BA in Chemistry 1949
Update(s): After retirement with twenty five years in UNCF Chemistry Dept. My husband, Stuart and I moved to the mountains, our address is now West Jefferson, North Carolina. Sorry I could not stay long enough to enjoy the new building.

Name: Jackie Rigsdee Smith
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BA Chemistry 1949
Update(s): Since 1949 I have worked in Durham County Health Department, V.A. Hospital Surgical Research Subsitute teaching in Florida Private Medical practice laboratory. The last position for 35 years. First and foremost I also helped raised five children (along with my husband). Now, I’ve been retired since 1997 and have “turned” to art–painting. My degree stood me in good stead!

Name: Ruth Alexander Moon 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: B.A. Chemistry 1949 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MA Edu. University of Florida 1964 
Update(s): Would love to hear from anyone in my class, there can’t be many of us left! Loving my retirement; have two children and six grandchildren also living in Tallahassee. Fun!

Class: 1951

Name: Anna Blair Secrest Holden 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: 1951 Chemistry 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: 1967 Guidance and Counseling 
Update(s): On September 2007 I moved from Charlotte, NC to Advance NC (near Winston Salem) to be closer to my son and family in Clemons. Bill and I live on 15 acres of beautiful land where I garden veggies and help with wood working in our shop. Life is great and lastly, I have a new grandson who is only 9 months old and a joy.

Class: 1952

Name:Anne Hall Todd
Bachelor's Degree Received and Year: AB in Chemistry
Update(s): After graduation I taught Chemistry at Greensboro Senior High School.  I returned to my home high school to teach Biology at Charlotte central High School.  After a few years I married Eugene Todd.  We earned master's degrees at UNC-Chapel Hill.  My graduate major was Personnel and Guidance.  I served as a Guidance counselor in the Charlotte schools and worked in Student Services at Central Piedmont Community College.  We have two children and four grand kids.  We are now living in a Senior Community in Matthews NC.

Class: 1954

Name: Margaret Bill Vilcins
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BA 1954
Update(s): None

Class: 1965

Name: Ann Hunt
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: A.B. (1965)
Update(s): I went to Duke for a Ph.D. in physical chemistry after UNCG, taught a couple of years at Converse College (Spartanburg, SC), did a couple of post-docs (M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, Harvard Medical School in Boston), and wound up as an NMR spectroscopic doing structure elucidation at Eli Lilly and Company in Indianapolis, starting in 1978. I retired in 2000 and have continued to live in Indianapolis, enjoying chances to travel and to participate in various community activities.

Class: 1966

Name: Elizabeth Cox
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: 1966
Update(s): Retired since 2002 and very much enjoying retired life. I play a lot of bridge.

Class: 1967

Name: Dan R. Galloway 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: A.B. in Chemistry 1967 
Update(s): Attended Loyola, Chicago School of Management: 1970-1973; Retired after 35 years with Dow Chemical Co., Marketing and Sales Management in Plastics. 

Class: 1968

Name: Barbara Check Andrews
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BA Chemistry, UNCG 1968
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS Chemistry, NC State 1972
Update(s): As far as career goes: Taught chemistry at ECU 1978-1981; at Atlantic Christian College 1981-1985; at Central Piedmont Community College 1985-1993; Rowan-Cabarrus Community College 1998-2007. From 19993-1998 worked in administration at Catawba College as Director of Career Development and Director of Lifelong Learning. Lifelong Learning begun in 1995 as an evening program offering a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Retired from teaching in Jan 2007. Married to husband, Gus, 40 years as of Feb 17, 2008. Two children: Gus III who has two children: Morgan (10) and Isaac (8); daughter Ashley who has two girls: Sophie (7) and Audrey (4). We have lived in Salisbury, NC since 1985

Name: K. Kay Shearin 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BA Chemistry, 1968 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: 
Update(s): I’m in the process of moving from a motel into a house. I have just bought in another state and I can’t deal with much else now.

Class: 1969

Name: Paula Hinshaw Heath
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BA 1969 UNC-G
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MAT 1970 Johns Hopkens
Update(s): I retired this year after teaching high school chemistry for 29 years in NC and GA.

Name: Harvey Clodfelter, Jr.
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: B.A. 1954 Chemistry UNC-CH
Master’s Degree Received and Year: M.ED. 1969 Education UNC-G
Update(s): Davidson County Community College 1965-74 (Program Learning Coordinator) City of Lexington 1975-89 (Chemical Analysis) Columbia Forest Products (Unilin) 1990-96 (Plant Facilitator) Retired 1996
The mechanisms, interactions, 2-photon, concave, opening vistas, are intriguingly exciting. What an accomplishment mapping the whole biochemistry of the human body while factoring in individuality and linked with rapid pharmaceutical synthesis. Wishing each the best in every way.

Class: 1971

Name: Jack “Randy” Butler
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: B.S. Chemistry-1971 (UNCG) 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: M.S.Org.CHem.-1977 (NCSU)
Update(s): M.S.Mech.Eng-1983 (NCSU)
Presently chief of N.C. Superfund section in Raleigh, N.C.

Class: 1973

Name: Ginger K. Ensor
Update(s): Dale Ensor (M.S.,'72, UNCG; Ph.D., '77, FSU) is Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Environmental Sciences Ph.D. program at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, TN.  In addition to his teaching (quantitative analysis, radiochemistry, and inorganic) and administrative duties, he continues research in radiochemistry (more specifically, separations of lanthanides and actinides).  Ginger Karriker Ensor (B.A.,'73) is a Research Assistant in the Center for the Management, Utilization, and Protection of Water Resources at Tennessee Tech University.  Melissa and her fiancé, John Freiderich, are planning a wedding for May 2009.  John is also a graduate student in radiochemistry at WSU.  Discussions of nuclear fuel cycles and radioisotope separation schemes are not uncommon when they're all together!  In addition to university-related duties and activities, Dale and Ginger are actively involved with their church and have been participating in medical mission trips to Ecuador since 2000.  When in Ecuador, Dale becomes an optometrist and Ginger a pharmacy technician-they call it "rapid advancement."  In what leisure time is available, Dale works out, rides bikes, and plays golf (though not nearly so much as he'd like!); Ginger would like to be out birding.  They both enjoy travel, usually in conjunction with professional meetings or family.  Life is good and they'll always be grateful to the Chemistry Department and quant lab for bringing them together!

Class: 1979

Name: Michael David Mitchell
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: B.S. 1979 in Chemistry
Master’s Degree Received and Year: Masters in 1982 at USC-Columbia., MD 1986 at MUSC
Update(s): I am a practicing orthopedic spine surgeon in Spartanburg S.C. Our class of B.S. chemists was one of the largest in the country in 1979.  I enjoyed the chemistry years the most. What happend to Tony Bell?

Class: 1980

Name: Tony Bell
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS 1980
Update(s): Our big news is that we’re giving in to our love of the west and moving to Boise, ID. Tony has accepted an offer from Boise Radiology Group and will be practicing at St. Luke’s Hospital, starting September 1 st. Amie remains in blissful retirement from neonatology. Ryan (22) is now a junior at Brown University Riley (17) us a senior at Salem Academy, still undecided about where she will go to college. Regon (12) is excited to be moving to the intermountain west given the prospect for outdoor fun there. Come and see us!

Class: 1981

Name: Joseph Anthony Joyce
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: Bachelor of Science 1981
Update(s): Went a different path after graduation in 1981. Became a Registered Nurse (R.N.) in 1983 and continued on to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) in 1989. Have practiced as a CRNA at Wesley Long Community Hospital since 1989. Married Kathy Lynn Wyrick in 1992. Have a son, Chistopher Wrenn, 22 years old in college at Lenoir Rhyne College, a daughter, Karolina, 13 years old, a son, Keaton, 9 years old, and a daughter Kylie, 7 years old. Since 1991, have published 20 professional papers on anesthesia, a book: “Perianesthesia Patient Care for Uncommon Diseases” through Mosby/Elsevier.

Class: 1985

Name: Kevin A. Swiss
BS Degree Received and Year: BS Chemistry UNCG 1985
MA Degree Received and Year: MA Chemistry Princeton University 1987
PhD Degree Received and Year: Ph.D. Organic Chemistry 1991 under Professor Dennis Liotta doing synthetic methodology
Update(s): Postdoctoral research associate with Prof. Scott Denmark University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on the structure of phosphorus-stabilized anions in solution-and solid-state. Also postdoct’ed with the late Prof Ken Rinehart on the synthesis and structural determinations of various natural products.My Chemistry life changed when I joined the United States Food and Drug Administration, Rockville , Maryland as a Chemistry Reviewer. For not quite 3 years, I reviewed applications from major pharma including Pfiszer, Schering-Plough, 3M, Abbot etc., focused on pulmonary and allergy drug products which provided me a way “out of the bench” and excellent training in regulatory affairs.Since this time, I have had growing responsibilities in several companies either leading or consulting in regulatory affairs and compliance to follow regulations in manufacturing and documentation.Currently, I live far from Greensboro, near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but do go to Charlotte for business a few times a year. Perhaps I can make a drive up I-85 to return to UNCG. Also, I can with some notice provide a seminar on regulatory affairs geared towards College Chemists which I did give at Emory some years ago now.

Class: 1987

Name:  Steven M. Meyerhoffer 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: 1987 BS Chemistry 
Update(s): 1991 Ph.D. Chemistry (Analytical)-Duke University 
Merck and Co; ( Rahway, NJ) 1991-1992 
Glaxo Smith Kline, RTP, NC 1992-Present

Class: 1988

Name: Steve Jennings
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS Chemistry 1988
Update(s): I am now working for UNC Chapel Hill performing clinical trials for HIV drugs as well as developing assays for new drugs that come into the market. I use HPLC and LC-MS methods. I am married. No kids.

Class: 1989

Name: Lisa Edwards
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BA Chemistry 1989
Update(s): I teach at Hickory High School as the science department chair. I became a National Board Certified teacher in 2000.

Name: Bruce Branan 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: Chemistry 1989 Undergraduate Research Advisor: Dr. James C. Barborak 
Update(s): I went on to get my Ph.D. in 1994 from Ohio State in synthetic organic chemistry under Professor Leo A. Paquette. I taught in NC at Mars Hill College (1994-2000), and then moved to Kentucky where I now teach at Asbury College in Wilmore, Ky. I am married to Laura Branan, and we have 8 children (7 girls, 1 boy) ranging in age 13 to 1.

Class: 1992

Name: Tommy Thorn 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: B.A. in Chemistry, 1992 
Update(s): I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the Department, especially with my dear research advisor from Sussex, Dr. Nile. I would work for him any day and anywhere. As an added bonus, I enjoyed the Synthetic chemistry that he taught me. I have been employed at Lorillard Tobacco Co. in Greensboro since October 1998. My current focus is on analytical chemistry. I supervise 3 salaried and 13 hourly employees in 3 different laboratories in which we analyze our current products and those being developed for market. My job runs the gammet from writing performance reviews to troubleshooting analytical methods to filling in the laboratory. I also get to rub elbows with 3 of the company’s vice presidents (R&D, Operations, Leaf Purchasing). My beautiful, funny wife and I have 2 children: Sam (9) and Helen (6). We enjoy traveling, learning, and spending time together.

Class: 1993

Name: Morgan Lashley
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS Chemistry 1993

Class: 1995

Name:  Mark Muenter 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year:   Roanoke College in Salem, VA 1992 
Master’s Degree Received and Year:  UNCG (Professor J.Jezorek) 1995 
Update(s):  Upon obtaining the MS, I was enrolled in the Ph.D. program at URI. In 1998, I was hired by Pfizer, Inc. and worked in Quality Operations Control Lab as an analyst and later a shift supervisor. I am currently enrolled in the Co-op Ph.D. program at Northeastern University in Boston, MA (enrolled 2005-present). On 2/15/08, I’ll be leaving Pfizer after 9 ½ years of service and will continue my career with Rhodes Technologies (Purdue Pharma, LP) in Coventry, RI as a Quality Specialist III in their QC lab. My Ph.D. work is in DNA adduct research and studying under the direction of Professor Paul Vouros, Ph.D. I obtained Ph.D. Candidacy in April, 2007 and currently in the research aspects of my studies with completion in 2-3 years.  

Class: 1996

Name: Walter O. Bilous 
Bachelor’s degree received and year: BS Chemistry, 1996 
Update(s): I am recently living in Greensboro , employed as an electroplating process engineer. Available for functions and events for Alumni.

Class: 1999

Name: Kelie Williams Luby
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS 1997
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS 1999
Update(s): I graduated from UNCG with a BS first in 1997 then a MS in 1999. I worked in Dr. Terry Nile's lab for almost 5 years while at UNCG making ferrocenes ... J started off one summer as a dishwasher! After finishing my MS, I went on to work for a few biotech/pharmaceutical companies as a medicinal chemist for about 4 years in both North Carolina and San Diego, California. I then reached a point where I realized that I wanted to go back to doing my first love which was writing. I moved to Boston, MA in 2003 to complete a Master's in Technical, Scientific, and Medical Writing at Northeastern University and taught technical writing while at Northeastern. Prior to completing my second Master's, in 2004 I started working as a medical writer for company in Massachusetts called Perceptive Informatics (A division of Parexel International). I have been with Perceptive ever since. It's been the perfect combination of using my scientific background with my more recent writing degree and several courses in regulatory affairs. I currently work on documents that go to the FDA (namely, the Independent Review Charter) for review and are a frequent conference presenter and published author in the field of Imaging in Clinical Trials. On a personal note, I got married in 2007 and we are expecting our first child, a girl, in March of this year. While still working for the same company, I am now decentralized and work from a home office full time in South Glastonbury, Connecticut. So life is good! I loved my time at UNCG. I especially loved the time I spent working in Dr. Nile's lab (a.k.a "the tinfoil lab" when I worked in there). I was thrilled to hear that UNCG was offering a PhD program and am excited to see the new science building. I still keep in touch with friends I made while working in that lab. I truly miss many of the professors in the UNCG chemistry department - especially Dr-Nile, Dr. Barborak, Dr. Johnston and Dr. Farona. They gave me such great experience.

Class: 2000

Name: Tom Kuntzleman
Master’s Degree Received and Year: M.S. Chemistry, 2000 (Haddy, advisor)
Update(s): My wife, Melody and I now have three boys, Jacob (9), John (6), and Jackson (4). Our youngest son was recently diagnosed with type 1-diabetes, so we are very interested and delighted to learn that UNCG has been approved to offer a Ph.D. in Medicinal Biochemistry. Perhaps some of your graduates will go to do work in diabetes research! I received a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2005 (Physical Chemistry). I am currently an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Spring Arbor University in Spring Arbor, MI.

Name: Rahul Patel 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: B.S. Chemistry 2000
Update(s): After completing my Bachelor's Degree I moved on to work for a Textiles Manufacturer (Burlington Industries) in Virginia. I worked at Burlington for about couple of years as an ARD Laboratory Supervisor.  Later I joined Barr Pharmaceuticals (Virginia) as a Quality Control Chemist and worked for nearly 5 years.  I got married and obtained my MBA degree during that duration.  I and my wife now have moved to Raleigh, NC along with our superman 3-year old son (Rydham). I am currently employed with Novartis Pharmaceuticals as a Site Compliance Officer (Quality Management). I have been employed with Novartis for about 3 years.  I wish all UNCG Alumni best of luck in their personal and career life.  God Bless...

Name: Chantel Sabus 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: M.S. Chemistry, 2000 (Jezorek, advisor)
Update(s): After graduation, I moved to Pearl River, NY and began working for Wyeth, a pharmaceutical company.  I was on the R&D side of things working in an analytical lab conducting pharmaceutical profiling within the drug discovery phase.  While at wyeth, I obtained an M.B.A. in Finance from Iona College (2005).  That same year I moved back home to  Warrenton, VA and began working for the National Science Foundation as a Science Assistant in the Chemistry Division.  In June 2008, I transferred from the Chemistry Division to the Budget Division where I am now a budget program analyst.

Class: 2001

Name: Nichole Bynum
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: B.S. Chemistry 1996
Master’s Degree Received and Year: M.S. Chemistry 2001
Update(s): Currently working as a forensic scientist at RTI, International in RTP, NC.

Class: 2002

Name: Thomas Delaney Santoro 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS Biochemistry, 2002 
Update(s): Graduated with MD from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 2007, currently finishing my internship at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, and will be doing my residency in diagnostic radiology at University of Tennessee Hospitals in Knoxville. My wife Jill and I have three children, Emma (5), Ava (3), and Gus (1). Hello to the entire faculty, especially send my best to Dr. Haddy and Dr. Johnston.

Name: Joseph Darty
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: B.S. Chemistry 2002
Master’s degree Received and Year: M.S. Chemistry 2004
Update(s): Currently attending the University of Texas at Austin. Finishing doctoral degree in Biochemistry in summer 2008.

Class: 2004

Name: Brandie M. Ehrmann
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: B.S. Biochemistry ‘04
Update(s): Currently in 4 th of Ph.D. program for Analytical Chemistry at Florida State University. Working for Dr. Alan Marshall in Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Petroleum.

Class: 2005

Name: Dawn Nicole Smith
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS in Biochemistry 2005
Master’s Degree Received and Year: Biochemistry 2007 (from Wake Forest University)
Update(s): Currently working as a Scientist at Targacept, Inc.-a bio-pharmaceutical company in Winston-Salem, NC.

Class: 2006

Name: Amber King 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS in Biochemistry 2006
Update(s): Currently in my 4th year of a Ph.D. program for Medicinal Chemistry at UNC Chapel Hill under the direction of Dr. Harold Kohn.  We are a synthetic organic chemistry lab with a primary focus on antiepileptics.  My project involves the synthesis of a novel series of neurological agents and the examination of their activity in epileptic and neuropathic pain models.

Class: 2007

Name: Matt Akinosho 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BA 2007
Update(s): I plan on furthering my education in graduate school.

Name: Stephanie Anne Antolak 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS in Biochemistry, 2005 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS Biochemistry, 2007 
Update(s): Currently attending VA Tech working on doctorate in Chemistry, w/ a focus in Organic-Working under Paul Carlier on Malaria research. Marriage to David Bryson Jr. is planned for June 28, 2008 in Fayetteville, NC. Bought a house in Radford, VA with David.

Name: Teresa Sue Barber 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS Chemistry 2007

Name: Elizabeth Blocker 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS Biochemistry 2007 
Update(s): Debating whether to work or attend Pharmacy School.

Name: Dallas Brooks 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS 2007

Name: David I. Bryson, Jr. 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS in Biochemistry 2005 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS in Biochemistry 2007 
Update(s): Currently attending Virginia Tech for Ph.D. in Chemistry. Working in the labof Webster Santos.

Name: Stacy Walker Dee 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS Chemistry 2007 
Update(s): Planning to work in the Chemistry Industry.

Name: Angela Evans 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS 2007 
Update(s): Planning to work in the chemistry industry.

Name: Ashley Fulton 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS 2007 
Update(s): Working in the Chemistry Industry.

Name: Laquita Harris 
Bachelor’s Degree Received: BA 2007 
Update(s): Work in the Chemistry Industry.

Name: Ridwana Khan 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS 2007 
Update(s): Planning to enroll in UNC School of Pharmacy in August 2007.

Name: Gabriel Alexander Miller 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS Biochemistry 2007 
Update(s): Industry job

Name: Jigar A. Prajapati 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS 2007 
Update(s): continuing education going into Graduate School.

Name: Amy L. Quattlebaum 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS 2007 
Update(s): Graduate School

Name: George Schilling 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS Biochemistry 2007 
Update(s): Pursing a Ph.D. at LSU

Name: Kristen A. Selde 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS Chemistry 2007 
Update(s): I am employed at Luna Innovation as a Chemist.

Name: Leona Ravini Sirkisoon 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS 2007 
Update(s): Attend Graduate School

Name: Emily Wade 
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS 2007 
Update(s): Planning to attend Graduate or Professional School (haven’t heard yet)

Name: Jayme Williams 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS Biochemistry 2007 
Update(s): Planning to work in the Chemistry Industry

Name: Maria Bahawdory 
Bachelor's Degree Received and Year: BS Biochemistry 2007 
Update(s): Pursing a Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine and Translational Science at Wake Forest University Baptist Medicial Center

Name: Kellie Davis Miller
Bachelor’s Degree Received and Year: BS in Chemistry 2003 
Master’s Degree Received and Year: MS in Chemistry 2007 
Update(s): Working as a Phosphate QC Engineer for Carus Corporation