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Croatt Research Group

The Croatt Research Group 

The goal of my research group is to creatively design approaches to solve problems of significant synthetic, material, environmental, and medicinal natures. To optimally do so, my group works on the design and development of new reactions that provide core structures of medicinal leads utilizing either novel access to reactive intermediates or unexplored cycloaddition components. Medicinal chemistry projects in the group focus on the step-economical synthesis of analogs of medicinally significant molecules to probe and potentially improve the properties of the parent molecule. An additional project in my group is the conversion of renewable resources into fuels and chemical feedstocks that are currently synthesized or isolated from nonrenewable sources. Collectively, these projects adequately illustrate the solutions to problems that my group will be involved with and their potential applications in society.

News & Updates

5/12/14 - Daniel's paper on making cyclooctatetraenes using a rhodium catalyst was published online today in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congrats on publishing a single-author paper as an undergrad!

5/9/14 - Congrats to Daniel and Sommayah for graduating with their BS degrees!  Daniel was recognized for receiving UNCG's Student Excellence Award and the ACS Organic Division Undergraduate Award.  Laura (rising senior) received the ACS Analytical Award as well.  Daniel, Laura, and Buthainah were also recognized for receiving Departmental Scholarships this year.

4/17/14 - Dr. Croatt received a Candace Bernard and Robert Glickman Dean's Professorship!  This Professorship is for junior faculty and honors the Croatt Group's research productivity.

4/15/14 - Congratulations to Daniel, Dipti, and Sommayah for each being accepted into multiple graduate schools.  Daniel will be pursuing his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Michigan and Dipti will be pursuing her PhD in Biochemistry at NC State. Sommayah will be pursuing her MS in Chemistry at UNCG.

3/7/14 - Mitch was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award from the College of Arts & Sciences!

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