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Croatt Research Group

The Croatt Research Group 

The goal of my research group is to creatively design approaches to solve problems of significant synthetic, material, environmental, and medicinal natures. To optimally do so, my group works on the design and development of new reactions that provide core structures of medicinal leads utilizing either novel access to reactive intermediates or unexplored cycloaddition components. Medicinal chemistry projects in the group focus on the step-economical synthesis of analogs of medicinally significant molecules to probe and potentially improve the properties of the parent molecule. An additional project in my group is the conversion of renewable resources into fuels and chemical feedstocks that are currently synthesized or isolated from nonrenewable sources. Collectively, these projects adequately illustrate the solutions to problems that my group will be involved with and their potential applications in society.

News & Updates

1/6/15 - Our latest publication on cyanocarbenes was published online today for a Special Issue on Emerging Investigators in Chemical Communications!  Congrats to Dempsey, Daniel, Maxwell, Christina, and Manahil!

11/7/14 - Congrats to Ghina'a and Manahil for winning 1st and 3rd place poster presentation prizes at the North Carolina Sectional ACS meeting!

7/1/14 - The Croatt group received the NSF CAREER Award!  This grant will fund both the cyanocarbene project and developments with the Functional Group Program.

6/4/14 - The Croatt group was awarded a North Carolina Biotechnology Center Biotechnology Research Grant!  This grant will fund the design and development of our isocarbacyclin analogues.

5/20/14 - Congrats to Rupa for earning the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Award!  This will pay her during the school year to research decarboxylation reactions.

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