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Croatt Research Group

Archived News and Updates

3/27/15 - Dr. Croatt received the James Y. Joyner Award for Teaching Excellence!  He is very honored to receive this Alumni Teaching Excellence Award.

3/23/15 - Congrats to Dempsey for getting many interviews and multiple offers for academic positions!  He will be starting his independent academic career this Fall at Adelphi University!

3/20/15 - Dr. Croatt received notification that he will be promoted to Associate Professor with permanent tenure!  He thanks his group for all their hard work to put him in this position.

1/6/15 - Our latest publication on cyanocarbenes was published online today for a Special Issue on Emerging Investigators in Chemical Communications!  Congrats to Dempsey, Daniel, Maxwell, Christina, and Manahil!

11/7/14 - Congrats to Ghina'a and Manahil for winning 1st and 3rd place poster presentation prizes at the North Carolina Sectional ACS meeting!

7/1/14 - The Croatt group received the NSF CAREER Award!  This grant will fund both the cyanocarbene project and developments with the Functional Group Program.

6/4/14 - The Croatt group was awarded a North Carolina Biotechnology Center Biotechnology Research Grant!  This grant will fund the design and development of our isocarbacyclin analogues.

5/20/14 - Congrats to Rupa for earning the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Award!  This will pay her during the school year to research decarboxylation reactions.

5/12/14 - Daniel's paper on making cyclooctatetraenes using a rhodium catalyst was published online today in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congrats on publishing a single-author paper as an undergrad!

5/9/14 - Congrats to Daniel and Sommayah for graduating with their BS degrees!  Daniel was recognized for receiving UNCG's Student Excellence Award and the ACS Organic Division Undergraduate Award.  Laura (rising senior) received the ACS Analytical Award as well.  Daniel, Laura, and Buthainah were also recognized for receiving Departmental Scholarships this year.

4/17/14 - Dr. Croatt received a Candace Bernard and Robert Glickman Dean's Professorship!  This Professorship is for junior faculty and honors the Croatt Group's research productivity.

4/15/14 - Congratulations to Daniel, Dipti, and Sommayah for each being accepted into multiple graduate schools.  Daniel will be pursuing his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Michigan and Dipti will be pursuing her PhD in Biochemistry at NC State. Sommayah will be pursuing her MS in Chemistry at UNCG.

3/7/14 - Mitch was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award from the College of Arts & Sciences!

12/13/13 - Congrats to Dipti for graduating with her BS in Biochemistry!

11/13/13 - Congrats to Rupa for receiving the George T. Barthalmus Undergraduate Research Grant!

10/10/13 - Congrats to Manahil for successfully defending her proposal today.

9/9/13 – Congrats to Dempsey and Daniel for their recent publication in the Journal of Visualized Experiments!  We posted that video on our publication page for all to see.

7/25/13 – Congrats to Kristen for successfully defending her Masters Thesis today!  She is off to get her PhD in Chemistry at Purdue University.

7/22/13 – Congrats to Hanan (co-advised student of Dr. Oberlies) and Elena for their recently published article in The Journal of Organic Chemistry!

7/22/13 – Congrats to Lara for successfully defending her proposal today.

5/20/13 – Congrats to Elena and Mudita for their recently published article in Tetrahedron!

5/11/13 – Congrats to Hanan (co-advised student of Dr. Oberlies) for her recently published article in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry!

5/10/13 – The Croatt Group won many awards at graduation today.  Congrats to Dipti (UNCG Student Excellence Award), Paige (ACS Analytical Chemistry Award), Kristen (American Institute of Chemists Award for Masters Student), and Dempsey ( American Institute of Chemists Award for Postdoctoral Scholar)!

4/24/13 – Congrats to Lorraine for successfully defending her Masters thesis!  She is the first Grad Student to graduate from the Croatt group!

4/15/13 - Congrats to Kristen and Paige for accepting offers to go Purdue and Duke, respectively, for graduate school!

4/5/13 - Congrats to Daniel for getting 3rd place and to Sommayah for getting an Honorable Mention at this year's Undergraduate Research Expo!

3/26/13 - The 13th Annual Poster Vendor Night at Syngenta was today and the Croatt group was well-represented and fared very well!  Congrats to Daniel for his 1st Place poster prize for undergraduate research and to Lara for her 2nd Place poster prize for graduate research!

3/28/13 - Congrats to Emma for accepting the offer at Harvard where she will be going to grad school next year!

1/17/13 - Congrats to Emma, Dempsey, Kristen, Shawn, and Stephen on their synthesis of clinprost that was published online today in Organic Letters!

1/3/13 - A program that Mitch has been working on with Dr. Kirchoff in Biology is now online and FREE!  The program was used in his undergrad Organic Chemistry class and is basically a glorified flashcard method of learning functional groups and "seeing" the important parts of molecules.  Click here to learn more and download it!  Updates and advances to this program, including making it an app, will be announced later.

11/19/12 - Congrats to Dempsey and Elena for the publication of their recent article in Synlett!

9/1/12 – The Croatt Group has been awarded an ACS PRF grant! This is will be used to study more reactions of alkynes and azides.

7/1/12 – The Croatt Group has its second external grant funded, a collaborative R21 with Dr. Reggio and Dr. Abood (Temple University).

6/22/12 – Congratulations to Dempsey for his recent publication in Angewandte Chemie! This research was also featured with a cover page graphic!

6/1/12 – The Croatt Group has its first external grant funded, a collaborative R01 with Dr. Reggio and Dr. Abood (Temple University).

5/4/12 – Congrats to Mudita, Cylivia, and Stephen for graduating today! Congrats also go to Cylivia for earning our Department’s ACS Inorganic Chemistry Award and to Daniel for earning our Department’s ACS Organic Chemistry Award.

5/5/12 – Congrats to Mudita for being selected for a postbac position with the NIH. We wish you well in Bethesda.

4/20/12 – Congrats to Stephen and Philip for getting accepted in the UNC MED program this summer!

4/16/12 – Congrats to Daniel for earning the Lichtin Family Honors Scholarship!

3/29/12 – Congrats to Daniel earning the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship!

2/2/12 – Congrats to Daniel for earning the George T. Barthalmus Undergraduate Research Grant!

12/17/11 – Congrats to Daniel for being selected to travel to the University of Bristol with Dr. Nile next summer. Have fun in the U.K.!

9/30/11 – Congratulations to Emma for being awarded 1st place Poster Prize at the Raleigh, NC ACS Meeting! 

8/22/11 – Congratulations to Cylivia and Daniel for receiving UNCG's Florence L. Schaeffer Memorial Scholarships and to Daniel for receiving UNCG’s Henry L. Anderson Scholarship!

5/6/11 – Congratulations to the recent graduates Kristen Gettys (UNC-Greensboro for Graduate School) and Shawn Yeazell (UNC-Chapel Hill for Medical School). Also, congratulations to Elena for receiving UNCG's American Institute of Chemists Award for postdoctoral researchers and to Daniel for receiving UNCG's International Center for First Year Undergraduate Chemistry Education Award!

5/25/11 – Congratulations to Maria Elena Meza Avina, Mudita Patel, Cylivia Lee and Tommy Dietz for the recent publication in the May 2011 Organic Letters making it the first for the Croatt Group!