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Croatt Research Group



21.   "Spiroscytalin, a New Tetramic Acid and Other Metabolites of Mixed Biogenesis from Scytalidium cuboideum"
Arlene A. Sy-Cordero, Mario Figueroa, Huzefa A. Raja, Maria Elena Meza-Avina, Mitchell P. Croatt, Audrey R. Adcock, David J. Kroll, Mansukh C. Wani, Cedric J. Pearce, and Nicholas H. Oberlies
Tetrahedron 201571, 8899-8904.


20.   "Isolation, semisynthesis, covalent docking and transforming growth factor beta-activated kinase 1 (TAK1)-inhibitory activities of (5Z)-7-oxozeaenol analogues"
Lara Fakhouri, Tamam El-Elimat, Dow P. Hurst, Patricia H. Reggio, Cedric J. Pearce, Nicholas H. Oberlies, and Mitchell P. Croatt
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 201523, 6993-6999.


19.   "Formation and in situ reactions of hypervalent iodonium alkynyl triflates to form cyanocarbenes"
I. F. Dempsey Hyatt, Daniel J. Nasrallah, Michael A. Maxwell, A. Christina F. Hairston, Manahil M. Abdalhameed, and Mitchell P. Croatt
Chemical Communications 201551, 5287-5289.



18.   "Rhodium(I)-Catalyzed [2+2+2+2] Cycloaddition of Diynes to Form Cyclooctatetraenes"
Daniel J. Nasrallah and Mitchell P Croatt
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 20142014, 3767-3772.



17.   "Identification of the GPR55 Antagonist Binding Site Using a Novel Set of High-Potency GPR55 Selective Ligands"
Evangelia Kotsikorou, Haleli Sharir, Derek M Shore, Dow P. Hurst, Diane L. Lynch, Karla E. Madrigal, Susanne Heynen-Genel, Loribelle B. Milan, Thomas D.Y. Chung, Herbert H. Seltzman, Yushi Bai, Marc G. Caron, Lawrence S. Barak, Mitchell P Croatt, Mary E Abood, and Patricia H. Reggio
Biochemistry 201352, 9456-9469.


16. “Synthesis of Hypervalent Iodonium Alkynyl Triflates for the Application of Generating Cyanocarbenes” 
I. F. Dempsey Hyatt, Daniel J. Nasrallah, Mitchell P. Croatt
Journal of Visualized Experiments 201379, e50886. doi:10.3791/50866.

15. “Mechanistic Study of the Biomimetic Synthesis of Flavonolignan Diastereoisomers in Milk Thistle” 
Hanan S. Althagafy, Maria Elena Meza-Aviña, Nicholas H. Oberlies, Mitchell P. Croatt
Journal of Organic Chemistry 201378, 7594-7600.

Mitchell Croatt

14. “Exploring the reactivity of 1,5-disubstituted sulfonyl-triazoles: Thermolysis and Rh(II)-catalyzed synthesis of α-sulfonyl nitriles” 
Maria Elena Meza-Aviña, Mudita Kishor Patel, and Mitchell P. Croatt
Tetrahedron 201369, 7840-7846.
(Special Issue in Honor of Professor Wender)

Mitchell Croatt

13. “Semisynthesis, cytotoxicity, antiviral activity, and drug interaction liability of 7-O-methylated analogues of flavonolignans from milk thistle” 
Hanan S. Althagafy, Tyler N. Graf, Arlene A. Sy-Cordero, Brandon T. Gufford, Mary F. Paine, Jessica Wagoner, Stephen J. Polyak, Mitchell P. Croatt, Nicholas H. Oberlies
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 201321, 3919-3926.

Mitchell Croatt

12. “Sequential Pd(0)-, Rh(I)-, and Ru(II)-catalyzed Reactions in a Nine-step Synthesis of Clinprost” 
Emma E. Nagy, I. F. Dempsey Hyatt, Kristen E. Gettys, Shawn T. Yeazell, Stephen K. Frempong Jr., and Mitchell P. Croatt
Organic Letters 201315, 586-589.
(Highlighted in SYNFACTS 20139, 470)

Mitchell Croatt


11. “Alkynes and Azides:  Not Just for Click Reactions”
I. F. Dempsey Hyatt, Maria Elena Meza-Aviña, and Mitchell P. Croatt
Synlett 2012, 23, 2869-2874.
(Invited SYNPACTS article)

Mitch Croatt

10. "Reactions of Hypervalent Iodonium-Alkynyl Triflates with Azides: New Mechanistic Approach for the Generation of Cyanocarbenes" 
I. F. Dempsey Hyatt, Mitchell P. Croatt
(Featured with the Front Cover Graphic of that issue of Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. and Highlighted in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201251, 12169-12171.)

Mitch Croatt


9.  "Selective Formation of 1,5-Substituted Sulfonyl Triazoles Using Acetylides and Sulfonyl Azides" 
Maria Elena Meza-Aviña, Mudita Kishor Patel, Cylivia B. Lee, Thomas J. Dietz, Mitchell P. Croatt 
Organic Letters 201113, 2984-2987; http://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/ol200696q
(Highlighted in SYNFACTS 20119, 1005)

Mitch Croatt

Graduate and Postdoctoral Research

8.  "Probing the Role of the Mycosamine C2′-OH on the Activity of Amphotericin B." 
Mitchell P. Croatt, Erick M. Carreira 
Organic Letters 201113, 1390-1393; http://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/ol2000765


7.  "The Diene Effect: The Design, Development, and Mechanistic Investigation of Metal-Catalyzed Diene-yne, Diene-ene, and Diene-allene [2+2+1] Cycloaddition Reactions"
Mitchell P. Croatt, Paul A. Wender. 
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 20102010, 19-32;


6.   "Rhodium(I)-Catalyzed [2+2], [2+2+2], and [2+2+2+2] Cycloadditions of Dienes or Alkynes with a Bis-ene"
Paul A. Wender, Mitchell P. Croatt, Björn Kühn
Organometallics 200928, 5841-5844; http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/om9007373


5.  "Higher Order Cycloadditions"
Paul A. Wender, Mitchell P. Croatt, Nicole M. Deschamps 
In Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III; Crabtree, R. H.; Mingos, D. M. P. Eds.; Elsevier: Oxford, 2007Vol. 10, pp 603-648; http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/bookdescription.cws_home/721739/description


4.  "Metal-Catalyzed [2+2+1] Cycloadditions of 1,3-Dienes, Allenes, and CO"
Paul A. Wender, Mitchell P. Croatt, Nicole M. Deschamps 
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 200645, 2459-2462; 

3.  "Carbonyl(chloro)bis(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(I)"
Mitchell P. Croatt, Travis J. Williams, Paul A. Wender 
Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2006, online; 

2.   "New reactions and step economy: the total synthesis of (±)-salsolene oxide based on the type II transition metal-catalyzed intramolecular [4+4] cycloaddition"
Paul A. Wender, Mitchell P. Croatt, Bernhard Witulski 
Tetrahedron 200662, 7505-7511; http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0040402006006740


1.   "Rhodium(I)-Catalyzed [2+2+1] Cycloadditions of 1,3-Dienes, Alkenes, and CO"
Paul A. Wender, Mitchell P. Croatt, Nicole M. Deschamps 
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2004126, 5948-5949;