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Petersen Research Group

The Petersen Research Group 

The Petersen research group is focused on solving important synthetic problems using basic principles of organic chemistry.  In particular we are interested in the development of new methods for the asymmetric synthesis of biologically important molecules and in the design and synthesis of new drug targets.

Kim Petersen

News & Updates

3/24/14 – Congratulations Jennifer on the publication of your work in Journal of Organic Chemistry!

12/1/13-The Petersen Group has been awarded an ACS PRF grant! This is will be used to develop asymmetric trifluoromethylation reactions.

9/16/13 – Congratulations Kaumba on the publication of your work in Tetrahedron Letters!

3/20/13 – Congratulations to undergrads Matt Ballard, Barrett Honeycutt, and Ben Wiener on receiving a UNCG funded URA! 

3/5/13 – The group's first paper was published in Organic Letters!  Congrats, Ghassan, Jennifer, Amanda and George.

11/8/2012 – The Petersen Group welcomes its newest member, Anderson Stacy!

4/1/2012 – Congratulations to George Bullard on receiving a UNCG funded URA!