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Lakshmi Kotra

Dr. Lakshmi Kotra Receives NC Biotechnology Center Sponsorship Grant In support of the Triad Drug Discovery Discussion Group (TDDG), a group of professionals interested in biotech/pharmaceutical research, that meets monthly at UNCG. The group fosters cutting edge thinking and networking within the region, and is moderated by Prof. Lakshmi Kotra and a steering committee.

(SPRING 2009)

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Receives Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Award for his project entitled "Development of Therapeutic Canidates to Treat Diabetic Neuropathy"

(FALL 2008)

Receives ORCP Innovation Award for Advancing Research for the "Commmercialization of Novel Antimalarial Compounds"

(FALL 2008)

Brent Dawson

Dr. Brent Dawsonb Receives NC BioTech Grant for his project entitled "Nanoparticle Enhanced Separations for Biomarker Detection"

(FALL 2008)

Jason Reddick

Dr. Jason Reddick Receives National Science Foundation Grant for his project entitled "RUI: Characterization of Metabolic Genes Involved in Bacillus Sporulation"

(FALL 2008)

Terence Nile
Jerry Walsh

Dr. Terry Nile & Dr. Jerry Walsh Receive NSF NOYCE Award for their project entitled "Project Excellence in Science Education Learning (ExSEL)"

(FALL 2008)