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Najoua Elbourkadi

PhD Student Najoua Elbourkadi Is Awarded NIH National Institute on Allergy and Infectious Diseases Travel Award for Keystone Symposium on Protection from HIV: Targeted Intervention Strategies

(FALL 2010)

Dr. Patricia Reggio

Dr. Patricia Reggio Receives Mechoulam Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Cannabinoid Field

(Summer 2010)

Evangelia Kotsikorou

Dr. Evangelia Kotsikorou Receives Michael J. Walker Award for Outstanding Post-Doctoral Presentation at the International Cannabinoid Research Society Meeting Lund, Sweden

(Summer 2010)

Kevian Ettefagh

Keivan Ettefagh Receives Award for Outstanding Pre-Doctoral Poster Presentation at the American Society of Pharmacognosy Meeting

(Summer 2010)

Dr. Terry Nile Receives National Science Foundation IRES Grant for his project entitled "International: Summer Research Experiences in the United Kingdom"

(SPRING 2010)

Congratulations to Debra Biles 2010 Staff Excellence Award Nominee for her service at UNCG

(SPRING 2010)

Dr. Cedric Pearce

Dr. Cedric Pearce CEO, Mycosynthetix Adjunct Professor is named Associate Editor of the Journal of Natural Products

(SPRING 2010)

Kimberly D. Stewart

Dr. Norman Chiu Receives NCBioTech Center Undergraduate Biotechnology Research Fellowship Award entitled "Determination of Binding Constants for Nanoparticle-Plasma Protein Complexes"

Student Fellow will be Kimberly  D. Stewart

(SPRING 2010)

Dr. Alice Haddy Receives National Science Foundation Grant for her project entitled "The Interaction of Calcium and Chloride at the Oxygen Evolving Complex of Photosystem II"

(SPRING 2010)