Department of Classical Studies

Joanne M. Murphy

Joanne M. Murphy

Professor Joanne M. Murphy

Contact Information
            Office: MHRA 1112
            Office Phone: 336-334-9904

At UNCG Since: 2008

            Ph.D. University of Cincinnati – 2003
            M.A.  University of Cincinnati – 2000
            M.A.  University College Dublin – 1994
            B.A.  (Hons) University College Dublin– 1992

Research Interests
Dr. Murphy's research focuses on diverse elements of the Greek Bronze Age, including mortuary and religious activities, production and prestige, and archaeological methods. Currently she is working on the publication of the Bronze Age tombs around the Palace of Nestor in Southwestern Greece and continues her study of the religious and funerary activities on Minoan Crete. Most recently she has started a field project on the Greek island of Kea, which explores the value of surface survey as an archaeological method.

Selected Publications

  • Prehistoric Crete: Regional and Diachronic Studies on Mortuary Systems. edited volume. INSTAP Academic Press. 2011
  • “The Individual, the Household, and the Community in Life Death in South-Central Crete During the Pre-palatial Period,” In K, Glowacki and N. Vogeikoff, (Eds.) STEGA: The Archaeology of the Houses of Households in Ancient Crete from the Neolithic Period through the Roman Era. (pp. 53-58). Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens. 2011.
  • "XRF analysis of beads from Pylian tombs" co-authored with Kiki Polikreti and Andreas Karydas, Journal of Archaeological Science 38 (2011) pp. 2829-2896.
  • “Gods in the House? Religious Rituals in the Settlements of South-Central Crete during the Prepalatial and Protopalatial Periods,” In A. D'Agata and A. van der Moortel (Eds.) Archaeologies of Cult: Essays on Ritual and Cult in Crete in Honor of Geraldine C. Gesell, (pp. 11-18). Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens. 2009.
  • “Political Economies in Ritual: A Comparative Study of the Rise of the State in Pre and Proto-Palatial Knossos and Phaistos,” In D. Pullen (ed.) Political Economies of the Aegean Bronze Age, (pp. 112-126). Oxford and Oakville: Oxbow Books. 2009.
  • “Differential Health among the Mycenaeans of Messenia: Status, Sex, and Dental Health at Pylos,” co-authored with Lynne Schepartz and Sari Miller-Antonio, In Lynne A. Schepartz, Sherry C. Fox, and Chryssi Bourbou (ed.) New Directions in the Skeletal Biology of Greece, (pp. 155-174). Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens. 2008.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Onassis International Scholars Fellowship, 2012.
  • American Fellow, American Association of University Women, 2012.
  • Loeb Classical Library Foundation, Harvard University - Salary Replacement Grant, 2012.
  • Institute of Aegean Prehistory Grant (Kea Archaeological Research Survey), 2011.
  • Institute of Aegean Prehistory Grants (Restudy of Bronze Age tombs around the Palace of Nestor, Pylos), 2006-2011.

Field Project

  • Director of Kea Archaeological Research Survey (KARS), 2011 – Present

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