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Web Resources

Glossa - a quick online Latin dictionary (also downloadable)

On-line Allen and Greenough Latin Grammar - from the Perseus site

WORDS Latin Lexicon Program - a downloadable dictionary for a variety of platforms/systems

Two Hundred Essential Latin Words - Anne Mahoney's good list of the most common words

Advice for Learning Vocabulary - from St. Louis University

The Intelligent Person's Guide to the Latin Language - one man's view, offered by William Harris, Prof. Emeritus, Middlebury College

Nuntii Latini - the Radio Finland website, with scripts and audio for Latin news broadcasts.

Evolution of the Latin Alphabet - from Prof. Fradkin, University of Maryland

Downloadable PDF Items:

Introductory Latin Courses:

  • Latin 140

    • This course is a one semester review of Elementary Latin. It moves very quickly through 101 material and spends about 2/3 of the semester on 102 material.  It uses the same textbook as LAT 101 and 102, so the links for Latin 101 can be used for Latin 140 as well.
    • During 2013-2014 this course will not be offered due to budgetary cut-backs.