Department of Classical Studies

Latin Placement Test

The Latin Placement Test is required for EVERY student who has taken Latin at the high school level within the last three years and wants to continue studying it at UNCG. It is given during pre-registration and at the beginning of each semester. If it has been more than three years since you took Latin, you may still take the placement test and place above the 101 level.

Remember: It is in your interest to place at the highest level possible. The College graduation requirement requires you to pass the 204 level of a foreign language. If you are able to start at the 203 level, you can finish this requirement in 2 semesters.

Tests are given to entering students at SOAR on the FIRST DAY of each session
all June tests will be given at 11 a.m. in the room indicated below for each date

These are the dates for Summer 2013:
Thursday, June 6 – 121 Bryan Bldg.

Sunday, June 9 – 205 Bryan Bldg.
Tuesday, June 11 – 205 Bryan Bldg.
Thursday, June 13 – 205 Bryan Bldg.
Monday, June 17 – 205 Bryan Bldg.
Thursday, June 20 – 205 Bryan Bldg.
Monday, June 24 – 205 Bryan Bldg.
Thursday, June 27 – 205 Bryan Bldg.

Thursday, August 15  - *in 112 Bryan Bldg. (room will be confirmed by August 1)

Department of Classical Studies
1103 Moore Humanities and Research Administration Building

Latin AP Credits

Secondary school students enrolled in AP courses may receive college credit by taking AP examinations upon completion of the courses and forwarding the results to the Office of the University Registrar for evaluation. If you have received a 3 on the Latin AP exam you are automatically placed into LAT 204. You can receive credits towards graduation as indicated below.


 Score  Hours  Granted  Course
LAT 203
LAT 204