Department of Classical Studies

Latin Initial Licensure Checklist

A. Information

Dr. David Wharton, Department of Classical Studies 1115, Moore Humanities and Research Administration Bldg., UNCG

B. Admission to Teacher Education

  1. You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in all Latin (LAT) courses above the 100 level
  2. Take the Praxis I exam* and earn at least a 522 composite score across the Reading, Writing, and Mathematics tests. You should take the test in the spring of your Sophomore year. ** if you have high enough scores on the appropriate SAT or ACT test(s), you may be exempt from taking Praxis. SAT total must be higher than 1100, ACT higher than 24 to exempt from all the Praxis parts. For more information, refer to this Substitution Table.
    *Jackson Library's website provides access to the Learning Express Library that offers PRAXIS practice exams free of charge. Click HERE and scroll down to the Praxis I Practice Tests section. If you are interested in using the Learning Express Library Praxis courseware at the Teaching Resources Center (247 Ferguson), please call ahead of time to reserve a computer. The phone number for the TRC is (336) 334-4035.
  3. Complete the Application for Admission to Undergraduate Teacher Education form (available in 319 Curry)
  4. Have your Classical Studies advisor and the Classical Studies Department Head sign the application form

C. Department, Professional Education, University and College Requirements

  • Work with your Classical Studies advisor to make sure you have fulfilled these requirements. Department and Professional requirements are listed on the Initial Licensure page.

D. Application for Student Teaching

  1. Applications for admission to student teaching are available at the beginning of each semester in 321 Curry Building. You should submit your application by February 15th, one year before your Spring student teaching semester
  2. Make sure you have completed the requirements listed in B. above and are already admitted into the Latin Teacher Education program
  3. You must have departmental approval before being admitted to student teaching

E. Application for Licensure

  1. Applications for state licensure are available in 321 Curry Building. You should submit your application in the last 3-4 weeks of your final semester, although final processing won't happen until you complete the program. Contact Deb Ackerman in the Teachers Academy for details.
  2. North Carolina does not require the Praxis II content area test for Latin. Effective Spring 2008, however, this test may be taken by teachers with certification in another area who want to add a license in Latin.