Department of Classical Studies

M.Ed In Latin: Upcoming Courses

Spring 2013

CCI 502 History of Latin Literature. A survey of Latin literature in English translation from the third century B.C. to the beginnings of the Middle Ages. (Wharton)

Summer 2013

LAT 626 Silver Age Survey. A survey of the major authors of the first and early second centuries with special emphasis on Petronius, Juvenal, Martial, and Pliny the Younger. (Parker)

Fall 2013

LAT 600 Vergil. In-depth survey of Vergil's major works (Eclogues, Georgics, Aeneid) with special attention paid to the literary, political, and philosophical context in which Vergil wrote. (Wharton)

Spring 2014

CCI 512 The Archaeology of Roman Daily Life. Study of Roman daily life and the evidence from archaeology and ancient literature for daily life. (Heyn)

Summer 2014

LAT 624 Roman Biography. Exploration of the Roman biographical tradition. Attention given to issues of genre, literary history, ancient scholarship as well as close readings of selected texts. (Zarecki)

Fall 2014

LAT 531 Advanced Grammar and Composition. Intensive study of Latin grammar, syntax, and prose style; includes reading of Latin texts and translation into Latin from English. (Wharton)

LAT 552 Teaching Latin at the Secondary Level. Trends and issues in teaching Latin at the secondary level. Topics include: review of textbooks, use of technology, research on second language acquisition, reaching diverse learners, and other issues. May be repeated once for credit when topic varies. (Shelmerdine)

Spring 2015

CCI 579 Readings in Roman History. Survey of major topics in Roman history through primary sources in translation from the founding of the Republic in 509 BC to Marcus Aurelius' death in AD 180. (Zarecki)