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Mythology Information

Resources for all sections of Mythology offered at UNCG


Apollo Apollo and Dolphins Artemis Birth of Athena
with Zeus and Hephaistos
Athena with the Aegis Demeter Dionysos and Satyr Dionysos and Maenads
Dionysos Scene Hades Hephaistos Hera
Hermes Poseidon Zeus Zeus, Hera and Hephaistos
with Zeus, Hermes and Epimetheus
Prometheus and Atlas Atlas with Ixion, Tantalos?
Prometheus & the Fates
Kronos and Rhea
Actaeon Agamemnon Clytemnestra Killing Cassandra Ajax
Deianeira and Heracles Deucalion and Pyhrra Heracles' Death Io
Medea Medea with Cloak Creon and Glauke Odysseus
Oedipus and the Sphinx Orpheus Phaethon Perseus and Medusa
Romulus Theseus    

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